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FAO Anyone with a Renault double spoiler


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

On my Mk1 172 I had to buy another brake light for the double spoiler. The Mk1 172 brake light is completely different to that which goes on the spoiler. (I keep saying Mk1 cause Im not sure if the Mk2 is the same or not). The brake light used for the spoiler is the same one as used on all the other clio range (excl. 172)

Its a Mk2 btw,
Dealers trying to charge 60 euros for the brakelight! I think Im going to pay them a visit so they can show me how exactly it is that it doesnt fit.



Yes you do need a new light. £36 and its bright red and not as bright as the standard one on the sport collecyion. Have you bought the double spoiler?? Am takin mine off tomoz as it is seriousley warped and have had enough of pressing it down so i can open the boot. If you are gonna go for it let renault fit it, then if you get a dodegy one you can take it back!!!!



Sorry about the spelling, have just got back from London and am knackered. When I mean not as bright, i mean the light is not as powerful. Hope this makes sense.
  Renaultsport Clio 197

Im the same need to push it down to get the boot open. I wanted renault to fit it but they wanted £500+vat to fit mine they said they had to cut it into shape so it would fit so went to a guy that done my colour coded bumpers and he painted and fitted it for £70, but its starting to flake and the pushing down every time you want to open the boot is getting annoying should have got renault to do it peobably a better job!