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FAO BenR - Rollers

  Lionel Richie

Ben, seeing as you have the most experience with engines and race cars etc, i was just wondering what your views are on the accuracy of Rolling Roads???

Im just gonna run for cover now ok?????

i dont a have a massive problem with them at all.

I do have a problem wit doctored reading where a clio 172 puts out 160bhp at the wheels.

And i never convert wheel power into fly power no matter how fancy thier calculations are, how ggod the coast down estimates are and how accurate their calibrations and allowances are etc etc.

I take wheel power off it, thats all...

And get friendly with the operator, bring him some biccies or something, talk nice get him you to understand your only really interested in real results as they come, you dont care if calibration is out etc, you just want what the engine is making accirding to the straight reading. And then, use the closest settings you did first time after any mods.

They are the only way though, unless you can afford dyno time.....

130bhp, but its not a very accurate roller, but tis the only one in HK. It inerta based and out door. Used to test trucks so covered in diesel....all sorts.

Plus our summer ambient temps can he as high as 37 deg C....which really doent help the car make power, what i found was the 172 is really sensitive to heat.

Go back and read the viper kit thread in the tech forum, is about 5 pages by now.