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FAO Capt - VVt and more!

Hello mate,
just wondering if you knew how the porsche VCE worked?
It supposedly alters it throughout the entire range........HOW!?
VVt/VVti/and Vtec are all fine enough and simple to understand, but were not allowed to take apart out engines too i cant have a look!!!

hi Ben m8..

Porkers system is a cross bvetween phase shifted vvt as seen on the 172, and vtec as seen on the honda.

It is 2 stage phase adjustable - not constantly variable -

It also has a 3 lobe cam with a large upturned bucket follower. the follower normally rides on the outer 2 (equal size) lobes for power, but for low speed and idle a centre hydraulic portio of the follower can lift to contact the slow cam (less duration - and about 3mm less lift)..

I think the term continuously variable is poetic license

but, still nice


ah ok,
i was under the impression that it had 2 lobes as per the Vtec and it constantly altered the timing advance/r****d between the 2 obes..oh,well at least they kept it relatively simple.
actually,i might go down to the engine shop and have a look..they should be stripping one.