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FAO Captain Slarty

Will be changing the rear brake discs on my car at the weekend. Is this a reasonably easy job? Will I get away with using the existing wheel bearings and if so do you know torque settings for how tight they should be? Your help would be much appreciated Captain.


Hi M8,
sorry, I dont have the torque figure for the hub nut

the process is fairly straight forward though.

heres a diagram.

check the wheel bearings by feeling for play at 12oclock and 6 oclock with the whell fitted, also at 3oclock and 9oclock.

the whell should also rotate freely with no noise from the bearings, if thats ok, great.

wheel bearing kits are 33 pounds plus vat from reno. (Each side!)

Cheers Captain. Thats the pic they had up on the computer yesterday when I went in to order the discs. Very useful. Thanks very much indeed. Those bearings are damn pricey. Think I will make a concerted effort to remove the existing ones!

Capn - could you get me a schematic of how I can remove the top and bottom parts of the dash in my RSi - same shape as 172?? Many thanks

Hiya Cup...

can you tell me the oval plate number ??.

ie - a 172 mk 1 is CB1C and a mk2 is CB1N.. what year / model is it same as - mk 1 or mk2 172 ??

  320d M Sport

Captain, i keep running out of money 1 week after payday, can you tell me how to make my money:

a)last longer

Cheers almighty Capn...


Capn - could u find out for me if I can remove the silver panel that goes around the centre airvents and stereo in the Mk 1 172 - need to replace mine and dont know if itll be alot of work - dont want ot start cutting up bits either! Cheers