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FAO Craggy

  Mini Cooper S JCW

alright m8, just noticed u own a williams and a punto gt, i woz thinkin about gettin a gt a while back coz of the turbo....

wots the performance like on it?
and outa a choice between a 16v clio and a punto gt , wot would u choose??!

Cheers M8!
  mk2 172

never got much chance to drive the punto before i put it up for sale but it wasrapid on boost, as for against a valver, a punto with upped boost would take it but standard there wouldnt be much in it, and there where the comparison ends, the punto looks, errrm, like any punto and inspires no confidence round a corner, whereas a valver you can chuck it about and drive it knowing your not gonna finish in a ditch to easily. and look at those lines, totally individual. 16v anyday mate.