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FAO cyue

ok, how bout an early drink?

CWB, peanut bar? (east end brewery, i cant remember the official name)

shame we didnt get to do that drive........unless your free tonight:eek:

But i am having dinner with my GF (her 21st Bday) and wont be done till 11 or so.......LOL......and them me mates want me to go out.....

But, if your up for it.......BTW, what do you drive here?

drive nothin mate nothin...... tonite? ahha sounds good i dont have anythin to do but i cant say sh*t ahahha i cant scream either

u mean dinner with ur gf tonite ? or friday nite mate

if tony is free tomolo can get him out too

Happy Valley.... infront of Tony. Lets do somethin tomolo instead i think ur gf want u to spend sometime with her man...... i dont wnat u gettin ur ass kick n come find me for revenge haha (coz i know my gf will kikll me)

i will fix that drive (cross my fingers) for u just that they r pretty busy but i will get it done

no worries mate!


i will see you tomorrow, have some beers, possibly a drive afternoon, or a tour of the service centre....not too amazing, but some nice cars in there.....

well, depends on my time im sure i will be going to wan chai in the eve to get blatted.....oh well, talk tomorrow and ill know what im doin.

just incase my icq is 3034197

MSN is">

if i can talk i will ring u tomolo hows that

DAMN, you reply frikkin FAST!!!!

anyway,"> no ICQ.....

i will be on later as i said...........

Ta mate

Sorry, I left office early last night and didnt see the message above until this morning. We can have two options.

1) join the clio newsgroup party tonight, 10:00pm (Ben, this may be a good opportunity for u to meet more potential customers);

2) visit one of the pubs in CWB or LWF and drive as much as you can (I will buy the first three rounds).

Let me know.

my yahoo messenger id is hongkongclioman. Stay in touch.

sounds good my number is 98108541 i have a really bad voice now coz i lost my voice yesterday but it sounds good i want to go :D