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FAO Dynamique Owners

My friend is thinking of getting a new car soon. She was after a Saxo VTS to change over from her Corsa SXi 1.2 but the Saxos are very hard to come by now because they are being replaced by the C3 (YUCK!). She also like the 106 GTi but that has gone the same way and it not being made anymore. She would love a 172 but cannot quite afford one at the moment.

It has to be a new car so she was thinking of the 1.4 or 1.6 Dynamique. What do the owners of these cars think of them ? Do they come with many extras ? Any opinions would be great.


  Ford Fiesta

everything is the same as a 172 apart from xeonon headlights which is an option. And seat material/6 disc changer an option. and of course engine is different.

When i bought my dynam i got it for 8400. when u consider this is the top of the range clio without getting a 172, so your getting all the extras eletric windows etc. You also get free insurance..worth about 1500 in my case.
i couldnt find a better deal out there and im pleased with the car.

however i may have been unlucky but ive had so many problems with my car and i would seriously have to reconsider buying a renault in the future.

I purchased the 1.4 16v a couple of months ago and its fantastic. Good on fuel and lively performance nearly 100bhp on tap. It also came with electric sunroof, electric windows, power steering, air conditioning, sports interior with alloy dash, on board computer, cd player, height adjustable steering wheel and front seat electric heated wing mirrors, rear spoiler, 15inch wheels, metalic paint, front fogs plus most important thatcham category 1 alarm with immobiliser...all for 9500 plus free insurance and 3 year warranty. Go and get one tommorow i have got a feeling that th clio will surpass the saxo!!!! ps can easily beat a saxo vtr!!!!!!