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FAO Everyone getting a new Cup...

Laugh? I nearly cried :cry:

For those of you who dont speak Renault, this translates as "Well bang them out as quick as possible and leave the customer to do the quality control. Then our dealers will deny all knowledge of faults and do their very best to make your experience as painful as possible. Have a nice day."

It says Renaults are made to order, so i guess my dealer was right when he said you can get a normal 172 in cup blue..
  Renault Laguna Coupe

LMAO State of the art production process. Have you seen the factory at Dieppe? Looks like Longbridge did in the 70s.

Made to order = we are short of money like everyone else. So we wont build cars that we dont have firm orders for.

Order some Viper stripes - all they have to do is phone the state of the art paintshop!
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

yeah I got one of them for the Dynamique lol. Not even at the dealer til the 20th. I ordered it on 5th Feb, so taking aaaaaaaaaages.

I know the dealer in Sunderland said if u want to pay for it we WILL do it. That was when I asked about some non Clio colours for mine (but he came back with a price of 3K for a FULL RESPRAY (ie everywhere the same colour) so I said" erm, think Ill tke the Sunflower yellow one please" (and shyly slinked away with red face

Of course u can - u can get any colour you want on your clio if ur willing to pay for the car plus another 3/4 K for a pouintless respray - the cup comes in one colour and unfortunately is not an option on the 172 or any other clio - the new Megan and Avantime use the same colour also though as the cup!
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

No they dont !! They are a diiferent shade !! They look similar but put em side by side and youll see the difference !!

Getting very worried now! Ordered my Cup on Saturday and have been promised it in 7 to 10 days. Dealer checked the stock of the "Built To Order" Cup and showed me the current stock list waiting at the docks to be distrubuted to dealers, said he could tag one of those and it would be a week to a week and a half!

I did question this "Built to order" idea when he showed me this and he said it was because of the March plate change Renault do build up a stock and these were what was left of it.

Just wait and see if it materialises!!


When I bought my Cup the dealer said the Cup is delivered from stock that has already been shipper to the UK. It took 8 days from the day of order to me picking it up. Only 500 for the UK and he semed to think they were all at the dockyard as when I ordered mine 275 were left, that was in Dec 2002.

Took delivery of my Cup yesterday spanking new 6 miles on the clock!

No black lip on the front sill. As I work for Lex Vehicle Leasing & got car through them was on the phone straight away....

This morning the guy responsible for all Renault retail sales in uk was in the office & came to see me as i was not happy delivery was also cocked up.(he didnt just come to see me - but while he was here..!) He had the missing sill trim in his car, took it to Renault Manchester had it fitted for me with a big apology! Apparently most Cups in the UK are PDId wrong the sill is supplied with the car but taken off so it can get on & off car transporters ok. It should now therefore be on every new Cup delivered after today... I thankyou! Renault UK were unaware of this problem!!!