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fao: james palmer and the rejected 172

hi mate,

Just wondered how your rejection was coming on?

I may be in the same boat soon, as I have had loads of problems, which now includes a burning smell!!!

all I want is for reno to get me a car that works right.



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What problems have you been having with your car?

Where is the burning smell coming from?

Have you been doing donuts like those old grannies on Top Gear?

Well, the car went back in to reliance to have the rattles looked at again, along with knocking noises which occured when the car was on full lock ie, if you were swinging round in a car park.

reliance padded out most of the interior of the dash with foam to try and stop the rattles - they were in fact pretty good at trying to sort the problems out. they had the car for a week, but it still rattles in the same places. they couldnt find out the cause of the knocking suspension, so that still knocks and they managed to take a lump out from my dashboard, so they are going to put a new dashboard in.

So, the car came back to me still rattly and knocking, and now I have a burning smell, dont know where from, and now the knocking happens just when Im driving along - dont even have to be turning.

The car is going back in on Thursday for another week. if they still cant fix the problems then Im going to try and get renault Uk to give me a new car. if renault dont want to play ball, then i am more than prepared to go to Watchdog and the Press.

I didnt really rate reliance to start with, and their manager at the time struck me as a condescending bloke (only my opinion of coure, he probably does a lot of work for charity!), but he has now moved on, and over the last couple of weeks they really do seem to be trying hard to get the car sorted.

i feel a bit sorry for reliance tho, becuase reno uk told me yesterday that I have to hassle the dealer to get a replacement car. its not the dealers fault that reno shipped them a duff car, after all.

JASPA - you local to the area (Norwich)? You had any experience of reliance yourself?

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Could the burning smell possibly be all the foam in the dash... ;)

My car had 3 dents in the bonnet (exactly thumb and 2 fingers apart where some donkey had pushed the bonnet shut) and the glovebox doesnt shut properly. Guess I got away with it lightly, couldve been worse.

Now Ive got the dents removed and it look mint and goes like stink. Love it that no-one realises how quick they are.

Dont give up mate, Im sure youll get it sorted.

Well, after giving the car back to Bentleys in Sheffield I got a letter the next day asking if I could bring the car in for them to look at? I replied and told them to have a look outside as the car was there already... muppets!!!

Anyway, a couple of letters on and the finance company have finally got involved and are looking into the mess. Basically, Bentleys insisted they had the option to put the car right first - I told them they didnt as they were only a car importer not a franchised dealer and any work they did on the car would have an adverse on the warranty, they have no workshop facilities or technicains. Then they said they wanted to take the car to Reg Vardys in Sheffield and get it fixed there! What is the point in that? It has been there three times and they havent fixed it cos they are truly useless....That was one of the reasons I rejected the car in the first place.

The finance company have until the 5th of December to get me a new car, failing that I stop paying the finance and we all go to court!

I hope to hear from them tomorrow, Ill let you know....


Dont let them bs you about having to put the car right...

My solicitor told me that "having a warranty doesnt contract you out of your statutory rights".

I guess if you bought a tv from comet and they brought the box out to your car for you and you then examind the TV and found the screen was smashed, no way would comet say "dont worry, youve got a years warranty, well fix it for you". Youd tell em to get a new tv from the stock room, wouldnt you.

Please keep us all informed about how the "rejection" progresses. I, for one, will be keenly following the subject.



Sorry, meant to add this to the previoous post.

if youre interested in launching a pincer movement to Watchdog, let me know.

Same goes for anyone else with outstanding problems on their clios.

We need one LOUD voice, not countless, insignificant whispers which the dealers and reno ignore.

I wouldnt have thought reno could afford the bad publicity, now that the CTR, Leon Cupra R, Cooper S Works, etc are snapping at their heels, all after the 172s marketshare.

I think Batesyboy may be correct. If the smell is new, it may be because of the foam. In all probabilty the foam is next to or at least near your heater air ducts. Chances are its getting warmed by the air comming into your car. If its not that can I ask if you have used your heater (not cold air) before you noticed it starting to smell?