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FAO Jassy79 & Toofast4u

I am astounded by your ignorance,

cant remember who said Im a police driver but whoever it is you are an absolute lier.

Firstly you have toi be a Police officer to get police training. Some poloice officer may have gfivena few pointers over a few hours. However to get a class 1 yo9u have to do 10 weeks of training. It is far above the civillian advanced drivibg (No dis. meant to any who have, it is an exceptionally good way to imporve skills) The police course involves things you idiots would not even know how to contemplate. e.g. a wek driving round a skid pan with 80psi slicks at the back (RWD) with a 400m rink having the road surface changed 6 times so you know how to watch raod surfaces and then have to cahse another for an hour. That is just the basics.


p.s. I know there seem to be too many road deaths attributed, I did leave a few years back before they lowered the time scales so that ASTRA panda drivers can have twos and blues after 3 weeks of training. NUFF said.

Do not let anyone see you driving as we should all fear for our lives.
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I second that. Police driver, yeah you were probably stopped by the police for swerving into someone and told how to drive properly/normally.

top ma blaze.
everybody tried to evade the cope, or say their crap drivers!!!
there some of the bloody bast in the country......well, probably the safest road drivers around. race drivers ( like me "align=absmiddle>) may be fast, but nowhere near as safe on the road.....that why i dont bother. i know what can go wrong, and i steer well clear of putting me and my car at risk......having flipped a race car, and the gravel, i dare not think what could happen if you skewered a lamp post!!!
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Paranoia who used to frequent this board is an ambulance driver which means he is in the realms of the police capibilties I think...

In his own words "Its legalised Joy Riding" LOL

Dont here from him much now he bought a house.. Oh well.

BTW didnt realise that the ambulances on the roads have a slightly de-tuned TVR engine in, did you ?

BENR & Chavvyboy,

glad to hear there are some sensible individuals who appreciate a fast car for what it is, not to literally ram it down, either unprepared or unconcerned motorists.

I would hate these guys to know how many body parts I have had to scrape off the tarmac in my past life. I have to say most of them young, inexperienced people driving far far too fast for the car and far more importantly THEM.

I enjoy a good blast like the next man & woman. There are always opportunities to use the car properly without endangering people just to appease "THAT MACHO BULLsh*tE"

Before anyone asks Im not a snooper or anything just interseted in the cars, fun where safe enough, and perhaps some serious money on mods.
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my comments were aimed at the troublesome twosome (twofast and jassy and also hilly) by the way. I dont think it came out correctly
  172 sport,

on my way to work this morning a pair off muppets tried to take a medium bend at about 100 mph in a d reg xr3i needless to say they didnt make it they clipped the side of a lorry side swiped a yanky limo thing ripping its and there front wheels off and ended up in flames on someones drive from the lorry to where it ended up was about a 100 metre gap so you can guess how fast they were going but to top it all the two blokes got out and ran off i saw them wandering up the road covered in blood with a cop car approaching what can ya say to that ?
  172 sport,

the worst bit is they were late 30s early 40s not a couple of kids youd think theyd know better

GR, glad to hear from you girl,

No, cant say I have been just your regular pain in the arse BILL. Name relates to my middle name BLAISE. Please dont laugh too loud apparently Grandpa was French. Got sooooooo much stick at schoool but matured well (I hope) Lots of my internet on-line names have that or a combo.

PS hows Edinburgh today. London again far too hot and sweaty. Ive been glowing all day

Errrm actually you dont have to be a police officer to have police qualified (now for the next bit ) Instrutors (on average 99.9% are advanced driving instructors) teaching you
Now of course they would actually teach you defensive driving techniques and not aggressive, pathetically stupid techniques (unless you have been watching past episodes of Starksy and Hutch ) and you may find that you have to have some EXPERIENCE on the roads before they teach you anything!


Oh silly me, forgot one bit
Just needed to say, that police driving isnt just about sliding round skidpans etc, its about the one thing people always forget, its about Observation!


Sorry to disagree Tony.

POINT 1) no civilian course is anything like the training the Police Centre gives. They may be run by retired civilian instructors but do not include about 60% of the police training. For more than one reason, an example may well be the skid pan and more importantly the legalities and facilities available. Please dont forget the £15,000 cost per person (approx) that is why countries from all round the world send their officers to London for training.

2) On the skid pan the reason I mentioned the fact there are many different road surfaces is for this observation training.

3) If you had read an earlier post I said I was not trying to dis civilian advanced courses. In fact I think they should be compulsory.

Do I realy need to go on

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Actually I am hoping to do 1 day at a skid pan soon and then take my advanced driving course I think its the ISMA or something like that. It Teaches you how to drive safely. Best thing is the person who is going to tutor me is a friend who is a driving insturctor so it should be alot cheaper than normal.

It teaches tyou things like how to control the car in an aqua plain situation and also things like camber breaking etc.


  Shiny red R32

Blaze, Edinburgh was fine this morning but very wet this afternoon and evening. Over in the west they have had flash floods and roads and rail lines are flooded. Think it is pretty much like it in many places right now.

Well i suppose you never heard of "the wetter the better" courses then?
These are (or use to be) held at MIRA (just off the A5), it use to cost approx 295 quid and teached you all the techniques about driving on different surfaces in different conditions (mainly the wet ).
If you know where to look, you can get the training for alot less than the police do and this was one of the, if not THE best course (even outshining the police course in handling as you took your own car and felt it on the limit) in road conditions!
(MIRA BTW is the Motor Industry research place where they test all their cars ).
You can also (for a few quid more ) do a course in close protection driving, ie a very intense but rewarding course in how to really drive your car to the limit!) and these are also available to the public
So, for say, 3k ish your probably going to be better trained than some of those coppers out there



great to hear u have taken the progressive thing so seriously. There are too many muppets trying to kill people out there and all I was trying to say was "calm down". Yes, I have heard of the "wetter the better" courses. Yet it is only a very small part of the advanced police training. Advanced Police does not mean advanced in normal civilian terms.

My oil and water filled slick based skid pan stuff, with the surface changes etc.was a bad example of what I was trying to put across, probably should have said it was designed for safty, apart from the fact U had to chase others roud it over a mile and a half as fast as U could . The only major difference between the advanced civi. course and basic police course is NONE.

Perhaps the misunderstanding is due to the fact there are 4 different classes of police driver, from the panda driver to riot van driver to class two and then class one. 95% of police drivers do not get to class 1. Most want other things like CID etc. or cant (lack of skill when the instructors would hit U if U did anything wrong (too much stress, or lack of ability)

All I can say is the Metro. Police run world wide police traing involving chase skills for diplomatic protection, civil unrest, and things like flying squad drivers, where the detectives do their stuff with the driver who is plain clothes. It is specific, as in no one else gets to do it. Thats the point. Im not declaring I am the best as it was a good few years back and even then there were better class ones . Just had by far the best raod training available as I was daft enough to be in the job at the time. PS best damn time though.

I am not a glib nor braggy person as I believe in ROAD CRAFT. There is a large difference between the courses, as in I did in total 9 weeks full time training, with at least 4 hours per day. Having said that I dont suppose U want to learn how to reverse a juggernaught into a parking bay. Bit boring but required as U had to drive anything in the world effectively and be insured for it.

The basics are rexactly the same and if U or I could convince people to do things like that the world would be a far safer place.

Good progressive driving and be safe


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What do you think about Police chases? All i see after a chase on programmes like "police stop" is a horrific crash. Surely if joy riders were not aprehended by a unit and just monitered by cctv etc thered be less endangerment to the civilians from the nutters trying to get away.


TOTALLY agree. no excusese for cut down training due to costs. Used to be only class 1 or 2 could drive cars with twos and blues. Far less accidents deaths etc.etc. > Hav erto say the RED MIST is the killer and until people can control it (police or otherwise) then people will unfortunately die.

Said it in previous and threr is no excuse for it!!!!

Talking to an old friend still in the BILL they realy have cut down big time. Just want response times it seems but a basic police driver should not be able to drive any vehicle that has blue lights and can make so much noise. There is no excuse for lack of proper chase traing, which I am reliably informed is far too expensive, and as there is no money for public services!!!!.

There U go, cutting costs only looks good on paper and now the forces cant get money (it and so many public services) or get it right at all.



Sorry got my angry red face at the start, not the rad mist stage of my post.

I am totally ignorant of inserting things (sorry faces) in the middle of text.


  CTR EK9 turbo

Am i thick or does everyone know what Red mist is apart from me??! I see, far too often, those regular police drivers driving through red lights with their lights on, and when theyve passed the lights, they switch them off and drive normally. Scarey stuff: - i was in the right hand lane of a town road and a Police Mundano came up behind me REALLY fast in a 30 flashing with Bs and Ts on, there were cars in the left lane and i couldnt stop or move as the lane was too small so i had to boot it away, and that i did and (funnily and anadvertedly) toasted the Police car! (oops! ), but i hastly moved over when there was a space and he shot past, after a delay

Hi Mark,
Ny ambulance service advanced driving course was taken in 82, and consisted of 2 weeks intense.

it really shows how good the police courses are at 9 weeks..

we were then let lose on the public roads in a crappy handling tranny (or best was the v8 sherpa van lol)..

Mind you, after 14 years driving on blues n twos, my god do you learn a lot.. and I never, ever, bumped a unit.. I had a few sideways though hee hee.

I remember one time with a police escort coming back from Gisburn to Burnley General hosp... we had a cardiac arrest case in the back and I was giving it harry flatters in the V8 Sherp.. overtook the pandas (2) and the guy in the traffic car was gob smacked.. obviously I couldnt pass him, but he admitted to never being as impressed with a blue lighter as then.

Good to hear from ya M8 !..

ps, yes, ALL civi drivers should take the normal advanced course.. without question.. and ANY guys or gals here that havent... you WILL be impressed and learn a hell of a lot.

Both you Mark, and I.. probably me more due to the time I spent as a paramedic, have picked so many bits of young guys (mainly guys) off the road after they thought they could cope..

its a very sobering thought that a bit of fun can end in death for others AND the passengers driver.

Did you have to learn every damn chapter of ROAD CRAFT off by heart.. ?? .. we did..

that was 20 bloody years ago.. and i can still recit things like..

Hands to be placed on the wheel in the 10 to 2 position, not gripping tightly, but ready to exert maximum leverage if necessary..

the system of car control is a system or drill, each feature of which is considered, by the driver, at the approach to any hazard

and thats after 20 years sheeeeesh.

If cliosport club really wanaa make an impact.. then it may be worth trying to get a discount for AD courses ?.

Long live the system



Graet example,

RED MIST is where U loose control of reality and just do it anyway. I suppose it is as simple as adrenaline.
Graet example of the young and generally inexperience of some of our supposedly "protectors of the public"

It needs to be stoppped

How I dont know. All I can say is standards have fallen in the last few years. COSTS COSTS & yet moe cut backs. This is a great example of what I was saying.

e.g. How would U feel if U were given that car with the impertunity to do virtually what U want. Could be a great thrill no?

I do believe it is being looked into BIG TIME. I have had to make about 10 complaints to my local bobbies so far.

They should stick with what works well. Trouble is MONEY!!!!!

I do ramble I know. Great example of "lets take advantage"

How many times have any of U SEEN THIS KIND OF STUFF?


That is open to anyone here as I am collating evidence of this kind of we are better than U behaviour.

This is annonimous right??????

  CTR EK9 turbo

Ive seen many examples in Surrey, Guildford in particular. Not impressed, a speeding motorist went past a police car that was waiting at a junction and the police car -almost, very nearly - pulled out in front of an innocent driver without thinking, well he was thinking, but only about the speeding motorist that was getting away. I now understand the red mist theory, this is a prime example.

Cheers dude!!!

Keep em coming as we can with all innocence do more than we think in our own areas if anyome feels the same?

As a newbie I prob. shouldnt do this but as I live V near a station and all I get are BAD looks, Im not sure it shouldnt follow CAPTS post of what do all U Bu%%ers do etc.


Blaze, I was reading a few of your posts and im intrigued as to how you propose to combat red-mist. Let me intoduce myself, I am currently a rapid response paramedic in London (I wont tell you where exactly cause youll probably try and grass me up aswell)and it is very easy to be overcome by the effects of so called red-mist. Its very hard to explain its effects to somebody outside of the emergency services, something Roadcraft, skidpans and all the driving courses in the land cant prepare you for. Imagine getting a massive addrenaline hit then mix in apprehension, fear, and excitement then drive your car as if youve just stolen it and your getting near. Whilst working in a van you have your crewmate to tell you if your driving in an inappropriate manner for the current conditions, a subtle "SLOW DOWN YOU BELLEND!!" usually does the trick. Being alone on the response car on the otherhand is totaly different, let me give you an example;
Last week I find myself doing riddiculous speeds in a 30mph limit, I was going to a young couples three year old found face down in her paddling pool now in cardiac arrest. Now the next time you go reaching for your notebook ready to get that emergency vehicles fleet number the next time you see it coming round a roundabout sideways, stop and think. It may be going to one of your relatives
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Hi Paranoia, I think Blaze was referring to the Police drivers - such as the ones who arent given proper driving training (police astras) and cream through red lights with blue lights on. It seems silly for the police to risk other (innocent) peoples lives for the sake of catching someone in a stolen vehicle, therefore making the joy riders drive *much* faster and cause accidents to themselves and more importantly to others.

Wow, this thread has taken a twist. From condeming the max power boy racers to a really serious topic. I do get rightly p11sed off with the cops driving dangerously on a chase (not on escort duty) BUT, anyone that has a gripe at the Paramedics or Fire Service needs to sell their 172s and go and live in a bubble wrap island.

I use to work as a life support engineer on 24-7 call. On occasion things got particularly hairy where the time to travel the distance was v.v. tight given the priority of the call. It was quicker to drive from Dublin to Belfast (about 100 miles) in rapid response then to organise a chopper from the emergency services.

This involved driving with a police escort in the latter part of the journey (the bit in the north) which involved 6 different police cars for the last 40 miles. Now I came down off that adrenalin rush two days later with a serious level of fatigue. I was a sole driver in a celica gt and it involved driving at 120 miles in the middle of the road while the traffic on both sides moved into the hard hard shoulder (ie ditch).

That was one unique day, of which happened maybe twice a year. The emergency services do this every day many times as week and have to be some of the most responsible drivers on this planet. So any muppet who complains about them should quite frankly F**K off.

My training consisted of knowing Roadcraft parrot fasion, two weeks driving Lagunas through the countryside, one week on poxy LDV vans and not one mention on how to drive on blues, I learnt everything I needed to know in that department from playing Grand Theft Auto Oh and watching Cannonball Run on video.

Sorry for the rant or if I picked the thread up wrong. Im just a bit sensitive when it comes to people sl*gging off the bee baw brigade.
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"I learnt everything I needed to know in that department from playing Grand Theft Auto Oh and watching Cannonball Run on video. "

LMFAO @ Paranoia, you havent changed on bit m8

Sean your not a "WATER ON" "YOU WANT THE ROOF OFF GUV" merchant are ya, cos I just love the waterfairies.

Chavyboy, one set of MGF headlights, a new Fireblades speedo and headlight and one lacy black thong.