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FAO Kis172

Just been to Renault London West with my car on the back of a trailer but I noticed they have a 172 Cup in the showroom and as you were interested in seeing one then you can go in anytime to see it.

Thanks for letting me know Tony - Ill nip down there one lunchtime - possibly tomorrow since I will be in my car - a rare treat !


  Shiny red R32

Ask Teady172, and Wongy as I think that they both had their inferior cars replaced with new ones.


  Shiny red R32

Tony, perhaps the dealer might swap it for a Cup and give you a couple of thousand as well!

Not sure I want a cup - need my climate control !! But as its getting to winter maybe i have the cup for six months and swap that back for a 172 after that breaks.

Just been down and "cup spotted" mmmm - I like it, although rear passengers are not gonna be so happy !!

Tony - saw your baby parked up - gave it a quick hug on the way past! You not got any further news on it yet?

No news yet but they said they might not be able to see it before Mon/Tues

Trying to contact cust services manager and get a new one - fat chance !

No, keep on at the one about getting a replacement - after two major engine (related at least) problems - although I had a new car once that was in the garage for the same thing 8 times in the 1st 6 months, and I didnt even get a letter saying "sorry" !!! but that was Citroen not Renault !! Seriously Tony, hope it gets sorted properly, really quick

Didnt go round the back Tony Should have mentioned it would have made a point of looking then. What spoiler you got then?


Wayne, sorry for the confusion, I was talking about the spoiler on the cup - not my car.
Renault just rang and said they have replaces various wires and something that is supposed to look like spark plugs but called something like injectors? Car is ready atleast.

Tony - I think we lurv everything about the Cup, although Junior is not going to be so happy about the back seat !!

Glad to hear yours is back together - I guess you will get a full report on what they have done this time - it probably wont relate to anything they did last time of course, otherwise you might have more of a case to get a new one out of them! Ill keep my fingers crossed for you. X

Unfortunately is sounds like theyve replaced some wiring stuff.
Sat in the cup today, seats arent as bad as you would think. I like the colour too - esp the side stips.
Not too sure on the spoiler tho.
Also, my dash is being replaced tomorrow to remove a rattle !! So thats another day with a 1.2 Expression, they can do 30mph in 1st too

Tony - LOL - dont get too attached to the 1.2 else you might not want the 172 back !!!!

I like the spoiler but found the seats in the back a bit naff ! Shame the side strips are not "shiny" though

Personally I think I would like the car in the colour of the side strips all over, but then a matt car probably wouldnt look to good.

I have my car back
Renault looking into issues with my car - injection both times and Renault London West said it might happed again !!!
Also, got a new dash which is good as it has removed the mark where a magic tree melted the plastic !!!

Oh well, we shall see, waiting for Customer Services to find out the problem and let me know.