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FAO: Matt-Leics aka Steven Speilberg!

Matt, got your video thru the post for the York RWYB day and I have to say I am impressed mate ! Great footage with some very good music over the top too, very impressed.......


It is a very small thing but I gotta say....... You spelt my name wrong in the credits ! LOL ! My name is shown as DIAPAC instead of DAIPAC ! ha ha !

All in all tho you got some great footage in there, very high quality too !

Cheers mate !

Dia..... uhhhh, I mean DAI !
;) :D

Nuts! Sorry about that Dai.. I hurried the last bit because my better half was pi55ed off with me being sat at my pc!

And thanks for the compliment mate.. glad you enjoyed it. :D
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Just popped home for lunch having seen Dais post this morning. 1 CD arrived in the post. Absolutely superb flick mate! Love the soundtrack and all the close-up atmospheric shots - really gave a good impression of the day.

Mustve taken ages - Id be bloody pleased if Id done that!

If any one else wants one youll have to send me an sae with a blank cd or tape and Ill gladly copy it for you. PM me if you want my address.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Matt got the cd mate but I cant find the approriate codec to view the mpg. I am running win 2000k and media player 6 at home but it wont work. What are all you others running to view it ?

Anyone help with the codec ?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Shouldnt need anything beyond the default windoze codec. Using Media Player 5. Can you view Matts other vids that he posted last week?

And the oscar goes to..........

Matt - Leics !!!!

Seriously tho, it is superb on the video I have, full screen on my widescreen TV is great ! That bit where you say "Rev that engine boy" ! LOL !

Also, I foooking hate the way my Welsh twang sounds on video ! Can you edit my voice over with a famous actor or something ????

Like the Oscar mate.. sweeet!

You should be proud of your Welsh twang after last night Dai! Im suprised you havent covered the forum with red dragons!

Dont know why youre having problems Chavy - sorry.. Im not very techy. Kick your PC.. that may work ;)

Now that is hell of an idea ! Excuse me, I got some red painting to do !

Actually, how long will it stay on the forums ? Being OT an all that ! Ah well, lets see !!!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

OK got it working on an XP box and founf media player 7.1 which may have the codecs. What I have seen its a top video mate well done. What software did you use to do this and have you got a video capture card in your pc or is you camera a digital one mate ?

CB, I am pretty sure that it is a Mini DV one from what I saw of it so there should be no need for a video capture card ! I have been wanting a camcorder for a while now, makes me want one more now, looks a lot of fun too !

You could make some great porn with one of them ! Oooops, did I say that out loud ?

It is a Sony Mini-DV Camera but you still need a Video Capture Card. I use Pinnacle Studio 7 (which comes with the card). Crashes all the time and can give glitchy output.. can be really infuriating.
  BMW 320d Sport

well still having problems with the codec but big thanks for sending it Matt!

Im running Windows Media 8 at the moment and it wont play so lets see if WM9 will do it?
  mk2 172

yeah thanks too mat, just came home from being down at reading & chichester, (was at side of a willy2 on the m3 this morn too) but i cant watch it ether!!!!!! well pist off i need " &?ma " codec or somethin

  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah thats the same one I need mate. It tells you to go to some web help and theres a really useful page that says its not actually available!!!
  BMW 320d Sport

You havent got the whole thing in another format have you Matt? And being hosted on a lovely fast server that I can pull it out of?

Pah! I go away for a long pissed up weekend in Dublin I miss out on this.

OK how do I get my copy Matt? Can you PM me your address and Ill drop you a blank CD?


Nick.. hope youve got that Codec sorted. Im sure you are in competent hands with Chavy.. I wouldnt know a Codec if it slapped me in the face!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


A codec in this case is a piece of software that is used to compress or decompress a video file on windows.

I have searched high and low and find that the one that is used on that video you created is available with Pinnacle Studio 7.

I think it may also be included with some versions of XP as well.
  mk2 172

you couldnt send us a copy please chavyboy could ya">


  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I have just had a call off the people who write the Studio 7 software that Mat did this in.

He said the codec is built in with the Pinnacle Studio 7 software only !

Which I think is sh1t cause we have an XP box here and it works on that.

So you may want to try on someones machine with XP and media player 8.

Laptop is going to XP for me mate.

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Get a really old version of Mediaplayer, on an old OS e.g. W98 - works a treat! On my XP laptop (well, the one I borrowed from work LOL) it wont go anywhere - weird!