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FAO Nick Read

Nick, hi.

I have been contemplating the r****d unit you have.....

and, yes.. it can be connected across the coil..

Its actually quite simple. (the good ideas always are LOL - I was doodling a design last night and bingo.. I saw the light.. hee hee

This is how it must be working..

the coil is normally connected to a positive supply and ground - thereby charging the coil.

when a spark is demanded, the -ve terminal is floated - ie - disconnected from ground. The field collapse (Back emf) of the coil that results is the force that fires the plug.

Sooooooooo.. your little unit must be doing the following..

By connecting in parallel with the coil, the unit can keep the -ve terminal grounded AFTER the amp has effectively made the terminal open circuit. hence, delaying, or retarding the ignition.

the rpm is simple to calculate from the pusles applied.

So, ignore what I said before ... and yes.. it can go across the coil.

obviously it will only work when activated ie - WOT switch or whatever - when the gas is on.

very simple, very clever..

hope that sorts it out..



I have just done a fag packet design for myself based on your unit.

what a bloody easy way to make a boost r****d unit for the 172 Kompressor !

1 * 8 pin PIC micro (75p!) a FET and a few resistors and caps.. add a dash of pressure sensor with linear voltage output (£25).

read the boost and rpm into the PIC, wait for the firing pulse, hold for a pre-determined time and release...

Bingo !.. a full boost r****d unit for a clio 172 supercharged or turbos unit.. with NO alteration to the existing ecu.

excellent... driving the extra fueling is straightforward too - the same device can output the pwm signal for either a boost pump or extra in line injector.

thanks for bringing this gem to my attention.

  BMW 320d Sport

Gotcha! That makes a lot of sense Joe, cheers. So basically it can go to the actual coil connections rather than the inputs of the ignition module.

BTW You still up for Donny South? Ive got you on the possibles list but not confirmed yet.

Not sure about donny south yet Nick m8.. just sorting me diary out for work.

re the unit.. absolutely, yes, across the coil is a brilliant design.

as said, the -ve terminal is normally disconnected from ground to cause a field collapse in the coil generating the spark.. your unit will sense this, but keep ANOTHER (ie its own) connection to ground from the negative terminal of the coil.

when the unit has waited the appropriate length of time (delay or r****d) it will release disconnect the -ve from ground allowing it to float, the field collapse will then occur.. ie - spark..

so simple, so elegant...

so appropriate for my mods with a boost sensor added to the theoretical circuit..

I might need to lay down now LOL

  BMW 320d Sport

Well I got a techy rush when Id finished the wiring diagram to r****d the ignition whilst the nitrous was firing, without pulsing the r****d unit in time with the solenoids! I love it when a plan comes together.

Next job will be to wire in the full throttle gearchange and launch control, and hook it up so that on misfire it cuts the nitrous but lets the fuel through.

what do ya mean by misfire Nick ?..

ps, yep, the anorak rush is great LOL...

where are you getting the unit from ??

I might just have to make that too lol.

might start with a bigger microprocessor so I can add the little features.


i know Nick has got an elec eng. degree, Captin what is your background? you certainly seem very knowlegable, the elc side of things,

Hi Lofty..

My background hmmmmmm.. a mis-spent youth lol.. albeit that was 25 years ago

For the last 8 years I have been involved in IT - MCSE certified etc, at the moment I manage network security for the UK NHS. (prvate network with 1.2 million users)

Electronics, I became a radio amateur in 1984 and have been ivolved with electronics (radio initially) then embedded Microprocessor design.

most of the electronics is self taught, but, I have had over 20 years experience of the subject..

About 22 years ago I worked for a rally car preperation firm and ran their rolling road for a year or 2. Have built and modified engines, gearboxes, suspension etc.. including 4 years road rally experience. In those days (sounds old lol) you couldnt afford to pay someone unless you had sonsors or rich mummy and daddy, so you had to do it yourself.

At the mo, the microprocessor design is my hobby and I have full development kits for the Microchip PIC series of controllers.


reason i ask is im changing careers at present and im still un-decided what to do, i have been Quantity Surveying (construction) for 2 years and its the most boring job on earth,

ive wanted to do something motor related for a long time but couldnt see anything suitable, im thinking of getting into engineering (mechanical) but i made a very bad choice of A levels (economics/pshycology/geography) most engineering degrees look for Physics A level, any suggestions?

i can do without massive money in return for somthing i find interesting,

any suggestions much apreciated as im a bit stuck at the moment and i have handed my notice in

best advice is that your job and your hobbies should be different

just try to find something about 35-50k per year with loads of leave ...

then spend the rest of your time playing hobbies...

Seriously, I just sort of stumbled into careers.. never really planned anything.

if an opportunity comes along, dont spend too long pondering.. go for it..


""just try to find something about 35-50k per year with loads of leave ... ""

if only it was that easy, the only jobs i heard about with lots of leave are the sate funded ones which are normaly lower paid,

ive got to decide soon or ill be doing nothing, but nothing sounds good for the moment at least

anyone else feel free to offer any advice

(sorry nick for diverting the topic away from your original subject)

How old are ya Sir ?

consider the forces.. the Royal Navy offers a SUPERB engineering apprenticeship.. the Artificer Rating..

or officer (technical)

thats one way..

I joined at 16.. (but it wasnt for me - ) - only lasted a year...


i agree mate bit i dont think i could handel it, my other hobby means i need sensible chunk of time avaible at home,

im 21 (22 in November)

i would love to be involved in the R&D side of of the car industry, but assumed that alot of it is done abroad, maybe i should see what Honda (The swindon plant, i live just up the M4 in Bristol)
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG


This is what I have done to get into the career I wanted:

Currently I run a Professional IT Training company in accossiation with a large college. Like the Captain I kind of fell into what I am doing now, originally got a degree in English and History, not much use really so I went back to Uni did an MSc in Business and Computing, too things I dont mind.

To cut a long story short Colleges and state funded organisations etc may pay less but in my experience they will train you up to be what you want so you can go on and get more money. My college paid for my MCSE, CCNA and anything else I want to do.

Lofty I dont know how old you are but I am 25 and I believe if you are young qualifications and getting experience are more important than lots of money. Look at an apprentiship or as the Captain says the forces.

P.S. I also get loads of holidays.

Good luck getting a career insomething you like.
  Williams 2, STi N12

If you wanna start in Motorsport then a smart move is to contact some rally teams and offer your services for free, there are plenty of goodish teams needing people to help out on events. Thats how I got started and you meet people and progress so long as you are good enough.
  BMW 320d Sport

Too right about state funded jobs being lower paid Lofty! A job that takes up unlimited hours (its actually written into a teachers contract), that you need to be qualified to postgrad level to do, and at the age of 29, its only just this year that I finally cleared the 20 grand barrier. I wonder if teaching is the lowest paid professional job (in the traditional sense of professional, ie needing more than just a first degree to be able to practise your career)

Its just as well its never boring I suppose! Hard work but never boring, the holidays are decent but to be honest you need them. Good pension as long as the moneys not all gone by the time I hit retirement!

Yo Nick..

didnt know you were a teacher.. Nice one dood..

Money is an illusion dont forget ...

the more ya have, the more ya spend.. when ya have to scrimp n save to do what makes ya happy.. you are happier...

Captn goes philosophical LOL..

I went from 19-25 l in one year... 25-31 in 3 years, then 31 - 40+ in 2 years.. and I tell ya what... I am still skint LOL.. seriously... the toys just get more expensive and the rewards less...

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Hi Nick

I have to agree with teachers pay being sh*t, my sister is a teacher and is 28 and makes just over 20 grand, also has a Masters degree.

For the required qualifications teaching is the lowest paid career. But as they say teaching is a vocation/calling, ye right!

Colleges are no better though, all lecturers must have degrees but dont get the management points. So are often even lower paid than teachers.

What do you teach, primary or secondary?
  172 sport,

that sucks i make more than that driving a tipper truck i now feel bad about all the stick i gave my teachers when i was at school if id known that back then i could have a been a model pupil maybe