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FAO Nick Read

Hi mate I am thinking of fitting a NOS system to my clio and just wanted to further my understanding of how the system operates.

A switch is fitted to the dash which when flicked arms the system right? Am I right in thinking that there is also a microswitch mounted on the throttle body which activates the nitrous when the throttle is fully open?

I just wanted to know when you should/shouldnt flick the switch on the dash. ie- what gear/rpm is it a good/bad idea to use the gas?

If the activation depends on full throttle then this could technically be at very low revs (especially in my 1.4) and this is a bad thing right?

Sorry if I sound stupid help me to understand oh master of all thngs nitrous.


Just to add to the above thread. I want to try and get a feel for what its like to drive a nitrous equipped car. When do you flick the switch, do you keep the gas engaged whilst you change gear, when to engage/disengage the gase etc etc

Any help is appreciated mate, so go on convert me to the ways of the NOS!

You can arm the system whenever you like!! It wont fire till youve got your foot on the floor, the system is fired by either a microswitch on the TB or in my case a TPS trigger unit, which is much much neeter and easyer to fit/remove.

You can use it at ANY rpm in ANY gear so long as you bottom end/clutch/gearbox/driveshafts can take it. The lower the rpm you use it the bigger the effect is as the lower the rpm the greater the torque increase is, consequently all engines can handle more NOS at higher rpm.

I have a 50bhp shot on my valver, I wouldnt use it velow 3500rpm without a progressive controller, use it in every gear apart form 1st as theres no point using it in 1st as you just spin your wheels.

You just change gear as you would normally, no different.

And what ever you do DONT use it off the line, unless you want to break something or completely shag your clutch.

Cheers mate, do you think it is worth investing in a controller. I think basic ones are around £260 but apparently they make it safe to double your shot of NOS provided it is done progressively. As you can probably tell Im not too sure how they work