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FAO Night.Icon (w~#@er Alert)

John mate,

Firstly I hope you havent been a victim !.

Secondly, Some @~@~ing w~#ker keyed my Nephews car down your road last night, nasty deep attack by some mindless jealous t**ser.

Might be a good idea to get one of those cheap and nasty car covers from Argos for £7, at least they might be heard if they get too inquisitive.

Keep ya eyes peeled my friend or park somewhere else.

  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

b******s !! There is no fcking need for keying peoples cars is there !!

I hate people who do it !!

My dads aston was keyed ALL the way down the side. Theres always someone out there who wants to destroy what youve worked hard for!

My next door neighbour has a video camera in his bedroom so he can tape any goings on with his beemer!

Update: In the knowledge that a criminal usually returns to the scene of the crime, me n my nephew are gona be sitting up all night to see if the knobend that did this returns to laugh at the damage hes caused, oh my god I do hope so !!!.

Yes Rob..I have a night vision camera covering my williams on my driveway, recording 24/7. Why cant people be like us here and appreciate a good nice car when they see it and stand back in awe, instead of wanting to ruin it through nothing short of jealousy.

Cest la vie


thanx for letting me know but they will probably key mine after the respray !!!!

n e way the little t**sers keyed clares gti in the summer sh*t happens some times u cant do sh*t all about it


  Shiny red R32

Quote: Originally posted by RobFenn on 20 December 2002

My next door neighbour has a video camera in his bedroom so he can tape any goings on with his beemer!
He must have a big bedroom if he keeps his Beemer in it! I hope he lives in a bungalow so that the Beemer doesnt have to get up the stairs!!



  Shiny red R32

Sorry about the daft comment above. I have had a few vodkas!!

It is shocking that some people go round damaging others cars. Fortunately where I live, people usually admire owners cars, rather than damage them, and there are loads of really smart cars like Mercs, Beemers, TVRs, Audi TTs, Jags, Porsches etc, as well as the boy racer sporty modded cars, but thankfully people have respect for other peoples property and cars.

I am really sorry for anyone who has had their pride and joy defaced by jealous, enviots louts.

  BMW 320d Sport

Too bad Bill my friend, I really feel for you gotta catch em red handed. Like John and I did when he was over mine a couple of weeks ago, we heard some glass smashing down my street and saw a gang of blazing squad style youths ambling off as if they were some kind of untouchables!! Needless to say the culprits spent their next ten minutes picking up broken glass with their bare hands...muu haa haha haaa!

So make sure you catch em mate and make them pay - see how they like their face getting keyed.
  mk2 172

you didnt give the SX smile did ya nick, kinda like a permanent wanna these:D, a variation of the chelsea 1

yeh nick that was well funny little f**kers wont do that again

i think we should start a protection racket up in your street ,A-team stylee