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Hiya mate

I remember seeing you in my mirror in Southend a few weeks ago at the meet - your sidelights were on and looked ace because the bulbs were really distinct from the headlamp as a whole (you know most bulbs just fill the headlamp lens).

So what bulbs are you running?

LED side light bulbs avalible in White & Blule or double white or double blue

ive got the double white

nick has got the white and blue

£24 from carnosors in southend 01702 482545

Fine thanks! Edinburgh is a wicked city all round!

As you might have read in other posts, Edinburgh is unique as it has Londons cars - but the space and roads of a small city like Cardiff. So its perfectly possible to go out for a drive and race a 911, S-Type, Honda S2000 and loads of other top cars.

The only bad thing is that I leave here in 10 days!!!