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fao paddymph (radio problem)


Did you manage to get your radio sorted it out? Ive got the same problem.

When I turn the radio off it carrys on playing and when Iam driving I get a bleeping noise then the radio cuts off!!!


  320d M Sport

Hi John!

Thank god someone else has this!!! Answer is no I;m afraid, it only started last night, Im gonna have a read through the manual tonight and have a go tomorrow, will probably post something tomorrow night. Annoying aint it!!


look for the relay first Luke.....

after that, check the centre console earth connection.... and the main engine earth.....

sorta Paddy callin Earth ???.. (so to speak ???)


Yeh Its so annoying!

Ive got my car booked in for a service on saturday morning.

So I might ask the reno guys to check it out..



havent had the same problem as you, but my stereo turned off one night and never turned on again. Had the garage send it off to Renault nearly 2 weeks ago, Renaut have had to send it to VDO cos they dont know what to do with it..... maybe dodgy vdo units
  320d M Sport

Hmmm, Im getting closer to figuring this one out... (puts on Holmes style hat). Today it bleeped THEN went off, after 30 minutes of playing. Soooo, I reckon its gone into some kinda "Sleep Mode" like on your Tv an radio alarm. Anyway started my CD again (Carl Cox live @ Krobar, mint) and surely enough after 30mins it bleeped again although this time i didnt wait for it to go off i pressed the on/off buttom, it bleeped and just stayed on then??? HMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:confused: