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Fao ReNwilL Cont Southend

  Clio Williams 1, 182,197


Thank you for your comments that I asked for and thank you to the others who responded to my request of opinions of what I have done and going to do to the Willy.
For those who wonder what the fook Im talking about see the Southend Thread in this area.


I have kept all the original parts to the Williams. I.e the bumper and lights, Header tank and general bits.
So it can be put back to its original condition, Except its engine.
I have been very cautious about what has been done to the exteria. I have avoided skirts due to not wanting to attract to much attention. Lowering to avoid any nasty side effects. however I do agree there needs something doing to the rear. So I think a set of rear quad lamps should help and if anyone ever decides to make a nice rear bumper or a nice diffuser then Ill add that on. But for now its all concentration on the brakes !!
A decent set of bigger disks and 4 pots are going on this tuesday coming. So maybe there will a better balance between power and braking capability.
As for having more power than standard. Well what can I say !! Love it !! I still find it hard to belive that you was bouncing of your limiter.

If anyone else wants to comment then I would realy like to hear your comments.

If your wondering why I didnt stick this on the bottom of the Southend thread. The reason is that thread is not working properly on my Pc.


  Williams 2, STi N12


I agree with Renwill, your quad-quad conversion looks ace, probably the best I have seen. Personally I wouldnt do the headlights on mine but I would love to know where you got the fogs from and how much!!!

It brought it home to me that the standard willy is just not quick enough in such class company. I think I have a photo of your lump from the Southend meet. After doing the usual thing of buying a mint willy and saying to everybody that I would not touch it except for the zorst and filter, I am really considering other bits but just a bit dubious about reliability and maintenance of it.

Think your right in not doing too much to the geometry of the suspension as I dont want to change that either. Although it is not strictly original you can still tell it is an authentic Willy and therefore deserves respect. Good on you..and dont go too mad, you have to draw the line somewhere!
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197


Thank you for your comments !! Much appreciated !!
I dont think I spoke to you on saturday or did I ?? I fooking usless with names !!
The fogs come from Esquiss to fit the bumper which is a Joker 2 again from Esquiss.
Yep I make you right about lowering !! Besides it handles well enough, so why rock the boat. The engine mods should all be reliable coz all your realy doing is upgrading the cams, veniers and chip with a moddified head.
the strut brace I was very sceptical would make much difference. But hey it does and I wouldnt go back to driving without it !! the header tank was just cosmetic to liven up the engine bay along with the blue hoses.
I dont think there is much more to do to it apart from the rear lights me thinks.
------------------------------------------ so there the line is drawn.
Id like to see that photo of the engine bay if you have got it !! I havent got any of my bay !!


  Williams 2, STi N12

Yeah, I spoke to you for about 30 secs..I was wearing the blue Reanault F1 top. Anyway, so does that mean I have to get a new bumper to accomodate the fog lights?? Or will they fit the standard one?

I gather all the rest would of come from Hill Power..can I be cheeky and ask the cost??

Oh by the way the number plate is cool, looked at getting a C11 O?? one myself cause the C110 WMS has already gone to a 1.4RT!!!! Somebody on here??? Have to let me have your e-mail address cause I havent got a website to post it on here from. It would make a cool desktop!! Let me know what resolution you want it in too. i.e. 1280X1024 or 1024X768.
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197


Unfortunatly you will need to get a new bumper to accomodate the lights.

Yes the engine work is Hill Powers handy work.
Cost you dont wanna know trust me !!!!
  Williams 2, STi N12

Oh well, have to try and make my own then.

If it is worth the dosh then its not a problem. Are you happy with it??

Plus you forgot your e-mail address for the piccy!
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197


Please send me both sizes !!

thanks mate !!

Happy with what ??

The plate ?? If so yes its cool !!
The engine work ?? If so yep no question !!
The bumper and lights ?? If so yep its different !!


Good to see you kept the original parts mate, gonna make someone a very happy man when ya sell that lil beauty of yours.

Who was it filming the 2 willys, it wasnt me.

  Clio Williams 1, 182,197



It werent me who was filming either !! So who was it ???

Anyone know when the next meet is ???

Either of you guys going to Donny South ??
  Williams 2, STi N12

Unfortunately not, sorry. U planning on coming to the High Beach meet?

Be good to see you there.

Dont think I am going to be able to make Donny alot booked in for the next few weekends....well at least My wife has me booked

Hopefully the next southender will be good though hey ?
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

I wont be able to make High beech Im afraid !! Its the busiest day of the year for me !!

Lots of people who have parted with money want to collect their new cars on that day !!

Never mind However I will be at the next Southend meet