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fao slayer

  172 sport,

ah mr slayer ive been expecting you i take it you couldn,t resist coming to have a look at our superb cliosport stand at donny south i suppose you had no choice as you obviously need to get some new reg no,s to make out you have raced us hope you got what you need although it will crack me up to see you post a reg no you have raced and the guy lives in devon or something hope you enjoyed the show bet you was well knackered going all that way on a bmx hope to see you soon still waiting to hear the legendary roar of ya car or did ya put a peg on ya back wheel you know im local so we have to cross paths sometime untill then ill just have to keep polishing the back of me car for ya so you can see ya face in it when i cane ya
  172 sport,

well he mentioned me using auto glym polish so he had to be as only my neighbours see me using it normaly and they consist of a metro/orion/focus/and a clapped out xr4x4 suposedly awaiting restoration and as i live in a private court yard no one else can see what i get up to so he must have been there

I dont want to such anyone to suck eggs here, but why are you using autoglym polish on a mk2 172.

The stuff is abrasive and such a new car shouldnt need polishing, just waxing.


  VW Transporter 174

LOL Yogi

No need to go all the way to North weald when i can see it parked outside halfords in basildon.
Gave it a good looking over and measured up for its coffin
so keep polising got to look good for its funeral

172 Slayer

Dear Slayer,

I think we should get together as you seem to have such a passion for the Clio you dont seem to be able to get enough of them.

Maybe we could get together and work out where your obsession comes from.

Or are you just to shy to tell us the truth who you are and what drives you.

You must be so lonely !!!!!!!

someone check the ip address on her nd slayer.. could they be the same?

thinking an almera would have a chance are we??

or i could just be totally wrong!
  172 sport,

resin polish aint abrasive also if you dont polish ya car give it a year and the front end will need a respray to get rid of all the stone chips in it which is what polish helps to avoid and slayer you have me there but i wasnt getting polish for me it was for me birds roof to make it shine as it was looking a bit sh*te wish i hadn,t used that autoglym vinyl crap as it rained after i done it and it all went on the screens /paint etc i now hate soft tops as much as i hate off roaders and i wont be needing any coffin as you need a car to beat mine not a bmx


  Shiny red R32

Paul, Yogi did actually use one comma - where he should have had an apostrophe in hadnt


  Shiny red R32

Paul, (if you are nit picking) I just noticed that you incorrectly used an exclamation mark when it should have been a question mark!!
  172 sport,

BOL*&%KS i drive a lorry not a mouse, so i only need to read a map not spell or use correct punctuation ! and any way i couldnt use a computer till i joined this club so i dont think im doing too bad ! im nearly up to 5 words an hour now


YOGI - I hate to break it to you, but the resin polish IS abrasive.

When it is used it actually "cuts" a fine layer of your top surface off. Thats what it is supposed to do. It does this to allow it to remove oxidisation, very fine swirls marks etc.

If you were to use it on a flat red car (with no clear coat) you would notice the red colour on your polishing cloth. This is perfectly normal for this product, and it is doing what it is designed to do.

Because your car has a clear coat, you are cutting off a fine layer of lacquer each time you use the product, and because the lacquer i clear, you cant see the residue on your cloth, but trust me it is happening.

On a new car you only need to WAX a car. Some people use the terms polishing and waxing interchangibly and this can often lead to confusion. Using a good quality WAX will give your paintwork all the protection it is possible to give... im not sure how much protection it will give you against stone-chips at any speed - whether you use a polish or wax - a bit of gravel hitting your bonnet at 40mph IS going to chip the paint regardless, I would imagine.

I can recommend the turtlewax emerald series liquid or paste wax. very impressed with the results and not too dusty. Im going to be trying Meguiars Gold Class Wax soon, which is also very highly rated by a lot of car appearance enthusiasts on this forum.

Hope this helps clear up the matter for you.

Best regards,

  172 sport,

fair enough m8, but as i leave my car in a transport depot all day getting covered in mud /dust/traffic film remover and any other oil/chemical that flies through the air and lands on me car rubbing that off with a polish cant be doing too much harm! the crap that lands on it must be worse for it but if you fancy comming round and waxing me car to show me the error in my ways feel free

well ya gotta try aint ya