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FAO smileySport. RE Clio I’m looking at

OK, the car I saw was also blue and had the same or very similar rims. At that time it had done 13000km. I was looking everywhere at the time over a period of 2 months. I first saw the car at Renault Sandton and was told it had been sold. Later I saw a blue one advertised at Premium Pre-owned in Bedfordview. When I went to look it was the same car. Initially I thought it was in mint condition but they wanted R15000 more than others I had seen. On closer inspection I saw that the front end had been resprayed - if you look into the narrow recesses/vents in the upper part of the front bumper, there should be some rough black tape in the back of them - on this car they had been sprayed over. There was also some obvious body repair and spraywork on the rear right fender and pillar section. I got suspicious and didnt take it.
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Ill also see if I can do a owner history check with the AA but I was told the car came from Renault Randburg....I just hope it is not the one youre talking about

Dude, I hope I havent thrown a spanner in the works here. I feel bad cos now Ive put all these doubts in your mind. I just didnt want your 172 experience to be a bad one. It probably isnt the same car.
If you can get Renault to run the VIN, they can pick up the owner history as well. And if the dealer is prepared to do the service and sort out any probs with the car then go for it. Have an AA test done, even if you pay for it, its worth it. Just do it before the service, so you can go to the dealer with the report and tell them to sort out any probs at the same time as the service.

Youre welcome to call me on 083 787 0632 if you need any more advice.

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Its the same car you looked at because Honda bought it from Premium Pre-Owned. :eek:

They told me about the front spray but seemed shocked about the rear respray you mentioned and I didnt notice anything when I gave the car a look over.

They are going to do the AA check and then the service. They are going to phone me back with the VIN Number so I can check for owners and possible repairs by Renault.
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

According to the guy I spoke to at Renault, the car has a 3yr warrenty and if the car gets serviced now (20000) by a Renault Dealer then it will continue to have the 3yr warrenty provided it hasnt been in a crash.

Now I go back to Honda to see if they will service the car at Renault.

I really hope it all works out. Let me know how its going. Do you ever visit the forums? Theres a guy on there who also has a 172 (Roastie).

BTW, who did you speak to at Renault?
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Spoke to a few people, one being Raleen, there was another woman whos name has escaped me and then someone in aftersales service who I also cant remember.

Ive spoken to Honda and they will service the car at Renault.

Its all boiling down to the AA test which should be tomorrow.

Ill give the cartoday forums a go

I know Cheyenne - he used to visit here a bit, and Anthony. They both work for Techline/aftersales. Cheyenne is the best guy to speak to - tell him I referred you, but hes very hard to get hold of.

Anyway, good luck - keep us updated.
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Car is getting a Renault Service tomorrow plus a report from Renault on the vehicle (dunno what the renault report will prove though other than maybe a technical run down of the vehicles condition).

Im gonna give AA Autocheck a ring and get them to do a history on the car for any irregularities such as stolen, not paid for, unknown vehicle, inclomplete stats, etc.

Then I make them send it to AA for an AA Test and if every single one of these comes back positive, then Ill buy the car, otherwise, Ill keep on looking.