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FAO Tonys

Fancy earning yourself some beer money and helping me out with a bit of prep work I know you really want to!!!

Marcus (Rusty black one from donny)

I cant weald (never tryed, could be fun!!). I can rub filler down but i dont do it for a living. So would take longer to get it right.

I was speaking to the guy and basically he says it is quite easy to do, I am just trying to save myself money and do as much as I can away from expensive bodyshops, by the way what do you think to the Alfa Romeo Blue Silver flip?

Well i have never one wealding and you need a wealder to do it. So even if you was to give it a go you would need a wealder.

I agree on doing as much as you can, but it is so much harder than getting a bodyshop to do it.

Regarding the colour, the colour is lovely!!! Can you remember what colour my car is?