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FAO Weight/P Carr (again)

Hi guys havent got round to lowering the clio yet due to the weather but hopefully give it a bash this week.

Did have a go at removing the tosrion bar and slowly but surely it was coming out.

BUT 3 questions please:

1) Once its out if you fully remove it does it matter how you put it bacvk in or does it have to be aligned exacvtly as it came out (This may be obvious once done but obviously not to me yet)

2) How can you see the bracket that needs rotating vis jacvking the trailing arm? From the outside the torsion bars are encased in a tube so how can I see the notches by which to raise the trailing arm?

3)How to get it back in? Like I said I started to remove one (I just wanted to see how seized it was) and it was coming out. But getting it bacvk in was a nightmare and its still not as far in as it was originally. I was just belting a socket into the end which resulted in a bit of lost paint on the wheel arch!