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Fast Car Mag will be at Southend Clio meet

Just to say, the clio meet organised for the 14th Sept WILL be visited by the guys at Fast Car. Lets make it worth their while and show them what a huge following our clios have.

I personally will get to the usual pub car park at 6ish, see ya all there.

Will be great for our club if it is as big as the last *cough* or bigger, think of all the new members it could bring through the free advertising, then hopefully as a nationally recognised club, this will domino into more discounts with tuners etc. The Pub in question Siggsy is The Strawberry Fields on the way into Southend, off the Tesco roundabout. I chose 6 o clock for the light. Nick, please feel free to take over this

  BMW 320d Sport

Bill - dont try that one mate...remember its an unofficial meet

I will do what I can but normally I wouldnt have one at the beginning of September cos Im back to work Ill be super busy then what with the new term and all the paperwork that comes with it. Ill probably only be able to come down for a few hours.
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah its definitely an official unofficial meet. Well Ill be there barring any unforseen circumstances.
LOL Arjun you should have come 1/4 miling on the weekend mate!

BTW Dan Im a primary teacher.