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Fast..........Not for long

Ive had my valver for the last year and its bloody good fun and seriously quick to, as im sure everyone will back me up. Im a bit worried that it is going to suddenly feel very slow, you see im getting a Kawasaki ZX-636R which will hit 60mpg in 3.2 secs and apart from worrying about the bike ripping my arms off i reckon im going to get bored of the clio - that is until it rains!!!

Im back in liverpool at the moment, probably wont be taking the bike down to southampton cos girlfriends parents hate bikes and i dont think my arse could take it

I picked the bike up on friday, but ive got to run the silly thing in first, how boring! nothng above 4000rpm for the first 500 miles then another 500 miles up to 6000rpm. Im just trying to get the millage done so that i can see what its got.

The clio is being repaired and getting MOTd, some blonker reversed into me and is trying to claim his damage on my policy.......yeah he can piss right off