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Fecking airbag lights!!!!

Used to have the airbag lights come and go(just wiggle the wires)

So I chopped the original connectors off and used some connector blocks(wire in either side and screw in)

Lately though the lights have been coming on again :(

I looked at the block connectors and the wires look fine :/

So whats my best bet.....resistor 3.3??
Or could the problem be elsewhere??
  Clio16v/225 Trophy
Start with diagnostics to see what exactly is causing the light to be on... it's not 1990 anymore so guessing and wiggling wires isn't how we do it anymore. Then, armed with factual information you will be able to attack the actual problem.

Sounds like multiple poor connections (due to choc-bloc crappy connections) and incorrect values though.