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Feedback group buy / RN494 Centre box

  Clio Sport 182 Cup-packed
To all who have taken part in 2013/2014 group buy of the

Are you satisfied with your exhaust? There is a discussion on
because Scorpion changed the centre box (silencer) design and now the system is
so boomy between 2.750-4200 revs at my Car that I put the OEM centre box on the
The "new" silencer looks like a straight through solution and roars like one.
Yes, I had it correctly fitted.

Anyone else had such a problem?
  182 Cup
They're seemingly developing two updated versions of the centre box, and it would appear they've sent out the track day spec one first without telling you all.

I've posted a response I got from the Whybee sales director this morning when I asked about the design change.
  TT, UR Quattro & 182
I think the new RN494 centre section is far superior to the older centre section.

It sounds a lot better overall and the build quality is far far superior. I don't agree that it's overally droany personally, especially compare to the likes of a Miltek system for example.

Even if it was, having a slightly boomy exhaust at 70mph is far more bearable than a centre section that cracks every month like the older centre section did.
  Clio Sport 182 Cup-packed
The built quality itself is surely spot on but mine droaned like a orbisoud cup straight through system.
Maybe they made a mistake and sent me wrong centre box?
  Clio 182 FF
Does anyone know what the cutoff dates were?

Intrigued to know which of the "old" or "cracking" or "race" versions I got when I bought mine in December 2013 (not in a group buy).
  Clio 182
I was looking at these RS192s on FleaBay. I assume these particular exhausts are quiet? I dont want to have a boomy exhaust like the Williams.