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Female Insurance

heya peeps!

Youve worked wonders for my insurance but now my gf is stuck!!

Anyone know whos the best for girls? its only a ford ka!



Danny how much you paying for your insurance if you dont mind me asking? i should be getting one in a couple of months gonna get rid of the valver! the cheapest qoute i could get was £1300 just wondered if you were getting it any cheaper?

I got the qoute from elephant, they seem pretty good, but they want 1200 to insure my valver fully comp!!! wich i thgouth was a bit mad!!!

When are you next down southend? id like to have anther look at ya cup, at the moment the dealer nearest to me hasnt got one in yet.

i was down there this sat!

wont be again for a bit! grrrr sods law! sorry fella!

ill see what im doin next sat


Also worth trying Chuchill, I found them to be cheapest for my girlfriend on her Clio, it was actually £50 cheaper adding me as a named driver aswell !!

Sorry but dont go with Diamond, had to chance my insurance half way through as they messed it up. And you will never get a years no claims with them either as they only do 10 month policys. Thats why they are so cheap!