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Are you kidding me ???????? Foooooking hell that is one of the worst things I have ever seen ! Are they the people from the car or people they hit or something ?

That is foul ! Makes you think about what speeds you do, that was a crash at 175mph ! You could do 50mph less than that in a Clio, imagine what it would be like !

that is why, as you get older, and after 14 years picking up these kind of bits.. (and those pics are mild to some real life events) that you slow down

i just took a mate to hospital for a serious gash to the palm...drunken night.

anyway, it was all the way through the flesh to the bone and tendons, and we watched the specialist clean it up....i almost passed out when i saw moving tendons and flesh!!!

that, if i saw it on the road, i would be out cold for a day or so!!! its just beyond crazy!!!

the human body pretty fragile aint it!
  Clio 197

Seen it before. Thankfully I have neve experienced that sort of thing personally. Required viewing for all of you "road racers"! And you dont have to be going real fast to make a real mess of things...Id be willing to bet that the Ferrari wasnt traveling quite as fast as claimed.
  VW Potato

we sometimes forget that were only bits of flesh and fragile bone, with a very thin bit of skull protecting our brains. The only thing that makes us strong is our arrogance and belief that it wont happen to us. When it does, your arrogance wont stop you from being ripped to pieces, no matter how big your ego or fast the car you drive.

So drive safe folks.


I was going down the M6 once and there was an accident with many cars. The police were there and most things were covered up except I noticed an arm in one of the lanes I informed the closest officer about it and he quickly covered it up - not nice !

At the risk of getting ripped to bits, I think it should stay.

There are enough warnings and comments to put off those of a nervous disposition. Its not going to make anyone drive faster, and if one member drives a bit more carefully and doesnt get killed as a result then its done its job.

Not very well phrased I know, but I hope you get my point.

wow that is well bad and sick

make you think twice about speeding dont mistake and thats what can happen

very sick

  mk2 172

this has been posted on another forum and im pretty sure it turned out to be staged.

its fekin mingin tho!

The picture of the body parts is not staged, it is fairly common to collect them together, even though decapitation occurred.. along with limb severence. (I like the way they put the guys head along side him..)

that way Blaze n I could pop them into body bags easilly.

Seriously dooods.. I have been to many many accidents of this nature, it really does send a message out.

  Clio 197


You know what youre talking about there.

Also everyone should consider that sometime the ones killed instantly are the lucky ones. I know several survivors who are virtually in a living hell as the result of surviving nasty crashes.

There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots. Think about it.


Joe & Ben,

I dont think this thred should be removed either (esp. for toofast""""")
People should know what happens, and Ben, you just get used to decapitation etc. etc.. Not that anyone would want people to see it in the flesh so to speak.

Sure Joe & I have seen peps. killed at 30 mph let alone 175. Thats what makes you realise how important life is esp. when you have to tell the relatives!!!!

FAST CAR, sh*te driver. And at the risk of offending (just kidding LOL)
TOOFAT""", sorry TOOFAST"""",


jus seen the 14cc 16v vs 172 thread, I can not believe this person actually drives a car!!!!!!!

Just remember safe, smooth progressive (NOT AGRESSIVE) gets you there just as quick without death!!!!! on our roads


from the horses mouth!
just remember to let others know what your doin too! i mean, the number of people who dont indicate and expect you to know what their can only read ahead and prepare for so much!

i couldnt imagine pickin up a head and lookin at the face.....i would start thinking and not stop...go crazy eventually!

oh, Joe and Blaze,
thanks for your services!
we all owe you a long as your not drivin


just seen the photos. Knew theyd be bad but!!!!!!!

If no one recognises intestines and an arm where legs should go ( second from last clip) Sure everyones family, friends and loved ones would love to try to identify that!!!

Guess what folks,,, they have to

F**K me thats graphic. Im in work here and thats just given me the sweats. I use to work in the medical arena and left because of that sh*t.

If youre gonna do that speed just make sure its only your life at risk!!!

That picture is about a year old I remember someone showing it to me on a sick web site all about dead people. It certainly does make you think about driving fast!!


  Shiny red R32

When I first started driving, my dad told me to remember this saying "Its better to be five minutes late in this world than five minutes early in the next!"
  7.6cc :D

Having not looked at these pics, i take it the people did not pull though, in which case i wont look. ewwwwww