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Few Questions

  1.2 Dynamique
Hello i have a 02 clio 1.2 dynamique, and want to replace the rear speakers , how do i go about this and what size are they i know the front are 5.25 inch (13cm) just unsure about rear's , also i am wanting to fit my pioneer cd player it all fits and works when i tried because i kept adapter i used for 306 and it connects and function right, just want to get the stalk controls to work any ideas on how to do this? on the bck of the head unit it has a blue wire which says remote if that is anything on the back it has a audio in and other sock that is un used aswell as the R/L outlet
thankyou in advanced
  Astra Twintop
Rear speakers are 13's too mate.

Just pull cover off,
remove connector
and refit new speakers as per fronts.

stalk controls need a seperate little wiring kit PM MT Audio on here.

The remote wire is for a amp etc
  1.2 Dynamique
Thanks alot bodge which part to i clip off the grill or the surrounding because the grille didnt seem to wanna move but the surrounding did move abit