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Finally....there was light! :)

At long last, I had a set of Xenons fitted today. Many thanks to Lemonnobby.

Also had its 2nd MOT, a new TDC sensor and loom and a new battery.

Decided to go for the black xenons as i think they look much better!

VERY happy. :)





  Trophy #490
Gorgeous car! Easily one of the best on here. Was it a difficult job? Would love xenons on the Trophy!
  Mondeo TDCI 130
Looking good! I was tempted by black xenons, but decided against it!!! You still got your cage?
Was goin to say random place to be fittin them before I realised it was someone's driveway

Looking good, put xenons on mine last week. Full beam is now redundant
  alien green rs133
100w h7 main beam bulbs are needed now as standard bulbs seem innadiquit (*spelling-im dyslexic) im using halfrauds ultra extreme blue excelence or whatever they call them, to get the same colour so you dont get two tone road when main beam on (xenons bright blue standard h7's are yellow :( ) hope you didnt pay too much for them :D


Looks mint dude. Love the Schwep-mobile, really need some 2118's in my life.....


  UR R26, Hyundai IX35
Mine are going the xenon way as soon as I can find some reasonably priced ones!
Very nice addition mate. i supose it was money that was the reason they wern't standard.

It seems a step back that back in 2001 the RS clio (172 PH2) came with xenons but now in 2008 its an optional extra, not good imo.