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Finally we got one

  Partner's Astra SRi
We got a decent camera!!

Barry went and go a Canon 450D yesterday. We've been playing about with it tonight and last night. Really impressive upgrade from this

Anyone got an exciting "learner" projects we can try out this weekend? We've already tried light writing with the long exposure which we will be trying again.
Lines of pencils to practice DoF?

Read the guides on here, and go snap happy, but make sure you stay off Auto, as you won't learn about control.
  Partner's Astra SRi
Ooh yeah forgot about the water drops. And good idea on the pencils. Ah and lego, excellent!! Cheers!!

Will get Barry to have a look at the guides. Oh, and we've not had the camera on Auto once yet and never will!!! :D
  Partner's Astra SRi
Sssssh Alex, we like it and it was what he could afford :rasp:

50/50 group - already joined but won't be buying a 50mm lens just yet. Got the 18-55mm lens at the moment.
  Titanium 182
Ok I'll fave it and have a look later I can't face learning right now. I need to be blank xD

  Mk2 ph1 clio
Hang on, you said you've just got a decent camera, and then you said you bought a C***n. I'm confused.

Could have been worse.. a D60 or D40... no autofocus.. shame on them! :nono: :rasp:

Try some long exposures on traffic over a motorway, that will have you learning how to set up a custom white balance to get rid of the orange glow from the street lights.

As said the 50mm f1.8 is a cracking lens for the money and gives you a nice dof to play with!
  Mk2 ph1 clio
450D all the way.

D60 doesnt come with autofocus as standard, you need to buy the lenses with the motors buitl in.

Not ideal if your just starting out, not to mention bit more expensive!

Canon fan btw :)