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First few pics with new DSLR.

  BMW 330ci
Went and got a Nikon D3100, I am well impressed with what pictures it can produce from coming from a bridge camera. Been messing around all day, as I want to be in manual as much as I can. Going to London next week, so want to get as much practise in so I can get some good snaps. Also got my dads tripod, which is so much easier for when taking pics.

Any advice/ improvements would be great.
Also any advice on how to get the best pictures.

First few of the cat :)


Hello ;) by Brad-Smith, on Flickr


Bella by Brad-Smith, on Flickr


What you looking at ? by Brad-Smith, on Flickr


What's out there ? by Brad-Smith, on Flickr


Tree by Brad-Smith, on Flickr

New pup..Oscar.

Hey ! by Brad-Smith, on Flickr

He's got a hard life...

Zzzz by Brad-Smith, on Flickr


Keys by Brad-Smith, on Flickr


  RB 182 Cup
Champion pics there fella

I have a D80 had it a few years now. Cracking bit of kit
What you using - the 18-55vr kit lens?
  BMW 330ci

Yeah just the one that came with it. just gonna get to grips with the camera then look into different lenses.
  275 Trophy
Good start, but one word of advice - consider your backgrounds not just the subject, even if they are out of focus.
  "Navy" N17 TWO
Those look great :)

Cat's facial expression is brilliant - cute & comical! Would of been a keeper only the ear was clipped off