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First Timer?

Thinking of getting a machine polisher, how ever the ones people on hear use are far to much out of my price range! so came across this? Item number: 110441342681 on ebay? what do you think? any good for saying I dont have alot of money and dont know if I'll be any good at it?
  Flame Red Delight
not got any clue really mate but that looks like a rotary mate which is one of the hardest polishers to pick up so would recommend staying away im affraid sorry, unless you are going to be able to get proper coaching etc sign up on and learn first please
  Bumder With A Buffer
You dont need coaching..Common sense and a bit of reading/watching stuff. Buy a practise wing to practise on (about £10 from scrappy!)

Sign up to Detailing World though and have a read through the stuff there.

DA's are said to be easier to use then Rotary but I find the DA harder!
  Bumder With A Buffer
This is the MAchine polishing section...Worth a read

Guide for Polishing via Dual Action

Guide for polishing vioa rotary

And the general guides section

Just worth spending a bit of time reading up and doing some homewrk really. Much like any forum.

You wouldnt try and replace your brakes or something without reading a guide or something first and this is no different.

Machine polishing, as I have said many a time on here, is not something that you can just pick up and buy and use. It takes time and experience to get use to the polishes, pads and other products required to get the desired effect.

If you are looking to sort your car out, I would pay the circa £100 that it will cost you to get it done by someone with experience in machine polishing, as you will need it doing once a year max. If you intend to start a business or do loads of people's cars, buy one yourself, but you are looking at a lot of money (£300 once products are included) to start you off.

  Megane R26
PLUS, the biggest thing, which everyone seems to ignore/forget is that you only have LIMITED clearcoat. ANYONE can probably remove swirls/scratches with a machine polisher, the skill is in using the least aggressive combination possible to remove the smallest amount. Also, if you haven't owned your car from new, you REALLY need a Paint Depth Gauge, otherwise you are effectively going in blind - it may have been machine polished to death previously, so you could 'burn through' very quickly.

As said above though, I'd skip DA, use some common sense and learn to get on with a Rotary, but don't skimp on machine or backing plate, and don't go in 'gung ho' and make holes in your paint, or skim the paint of the edges of your bodywork.
I don't think people forget russ. It's something they don't actually know to begin with, that's the issue and main reason I am against people suggesting to others that they just go out and buy the kit and do the machine polishing themselves.