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Fitted my Hill power IK :>

well, fitted it!

sounds excellent!!!! like a turbo when i push the accelerator :>

and i think its made the exhaust sound a bit louder?

i have a small prob tho.... one of the pipes that goes in the back. the bigger 1 of the 2, doesnt fit in.. the hosing is too short... any idea how i can sort this?
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Thats what my one was like - it never quite fitted, didnt ever seem to cause a problem though really!!!???

well, been a day its been on...:D

"wow" :)

its increased the performance on the car i feel.... the acceleration is much more smoother through the revs and the pull is there when i put foot on accelerator, and the noise.... *w00t* its like a feking turbo when it rev out at 6.5k hehe

WELL happy ;)

Danny, i think the fuel is going down a bit quicker tho... is that running lean?


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Its because youre thrashing it James to get that great induction noise!!! :D

hehe sweet

so not gotta get ECU reset or anything...

i love driving through town and blipping the throttle and it goes "pffffff" ppl turn around and look :D im like... turbo coming through, scuse me!!!!!!!!! dont cross that road!
  BMW 320d Sport

the bigger of the two pipes is the idle speed control valve. It does need connecting up really cos that pipe pulls air through to bypass the throttle to keep it idling right under all conditions. Therefore if its not plumbed into the back of the filter it will be drawing in unfiltered air. There are two options: either get it to fit properly, or stick a breather filter on the end of the pipe.