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Fitting buckets

  Ph1 T
Im going to order myself a pair of buckets not 100% sure on what else i will need to get them to fit and i right in thinking ill need to get some sub frames and side mounts??

correct me if im wrong.

if so anyone know/have a link for best place to get them from?

Thanks Dan
  RS Clio 200
depends what type of seats you want, what quality and what your budget is mate

Do a search on my username and i think there are some pics of when we fitted my Cobra's.

For those we have a low profile sliding subframe, and side mounts. They were ok, but im tall so could have done with having the side mounts bolted diret to the chassis. Just never got round to doing it unfortunately.
  Ph1 T
Cobra Monaco s are the seats I'm looking to get mate,

Budget? Ideally not over do it but I'd rather be safe and have the right stuff but obviously if you can do it cheap and be safe that's a bonus know plenty of good welders ect if stuff can be made,

Ill have a look at yours see how you've done it, so you didn't need a subframe really then if you wanting to bolt to the chassis or do you still need one,

Im a newbie with all this project stuff so sorry if sound stupid lol
  RS Clio 200
No idea if they will fit or not. Not sure if companies use standard side mount positions.

One piece of advice I can give you though is don't rush and buy seats just cos you can afford them now. I spent ages deciding on my old cobras. Every car, especially clios I saw with the monacos in I hated. They look terrible and chunky and really boy racerish. Plus I believe they are steel frame, so heavy and not very comfortable.

To get a really nice look you need to be looking at a much more expensive seat. I had the cobra imola pro in carbon. They are about 600 a seat but they actually suited the car as well as being super lightweight and when combined with the 3 inch sabelt harnesses u didn't move at all no matter how hard you drove.

Subframe u don't need in theory, but I would seriously recommend having the mounts welded to the chassis by a Motorsport technician and not just an everyday welder. They will know what works and doesn't.

To give you some idea, seats, mounts, sliders, 3 inch 4 point harnesses came to about 2k. But it was the best thing I did to that 172
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  Ph1 T
Don't really have that sort of money at the minute to be honest mate cheers for the advice though , will be getting some within budget until I can afford some better ones but I couldnt justify spending 2k on the seats for it,
  RS Clio 200
No probs.
personally mate I would say do do it yet then. A good seat, proper fitting and properly mounted harnesses will save ure life when a normal seatbelt won't.

Incorrectly fitted seat and harnesses can severely compress and damage ure spine.