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Fitting parts

  200 Gordini
When i get my car i will be buying sportlines, ITG panel filter and a Milltek exhaust from k-tec.

The panel filter is easy enough lol but the exhaust and springs are out of my league.

I live in Coventry, West Midlands and K-tecs like a 3 hour drive or so where else would be good to get these fitted? Any recommendations?

Taa very mooch.

EDIT: really meant for the discussion sub forum
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  Clio 182
The exhaust is easy enough to fit tbh mate, just fitted a K-tec stealth last night and it was easy enough.............................
As long as you have spring compressors thats easy enough too. Once youv done one set youd feel confident doing more
  BMW M135i
I'm in nuneaton if you want help with anything, had 3 of the bloody things so know them well enough. Exhaust/springs nay problem.
  200 Gordini
i'm in solihull

In the new year i'll have a bit of work for you.

i.e Miltek and sportlines fitted, aux kit and camelt kit fitted, brake discs, pads and lines with fluid change.

Looking for prices at the moment