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Fitting solenoids

  TT 225

I need an alternative way to get under the bonnet without opening the car doors

Basically im having a few problems with the battery keep going flat, and the car is de-locked. I have a Clifford fitted with which I open the doors via the central locking but when the battery goes all the way flat the doors wont open!

So, I need another way of opening the bonnet apart from using the inside handle.

Any ideas? (Apart from replacing the battery)

"...but when the battery goes all the way flat..."

- Why does your battery go all the way flat!?! It shouldnt! And if it didnt you wouldnt have to mess about with another way of opening the bonnet! ;)
  TT 225

I dont know why it does it tho, and I need to find out before replacing the battery (incase its not the battery).

Sometimes I can leave it and not start it for 3/4 days and its fine, but i left it yesterday evening and this morning it was dead.

Could be a dodgy earth somewhere, but it sounds like an alltenator(think that is how it is spelt!) problem, is it after a short run that it does not re-start?
  TT 225

"is it after a short run that it does not re-start"

Not really no.. some nights I am quite busy out shopping and at my mates and it always starts fine. Just after leaving it over night on occasional days :confused:

I thought it may be something like that, but it doesnt not start in any particular pattern, just misbehaves when it wants!

Argh!! Cheers for the help tho :)
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


When I had my Clifford Concept 500 alarm fitted I found my car would start sometimes and not others. It turned out to be a number of things.

1. When they installed the alarm the interior light was left on for 7-8 hours cause they needed the door open to work on it.

2. The battery was knackered anyway before I bought the car and didnt realise until the alarm was fitted and loaded the battery up more, infact just enough to give erractic starting problems.

I got renault to replace the battery under warranty and this fixed the problems. I can know leave my car for 2 or more weeks and then start it up first time always.
  TT 225

Chavyboy! That might be it!! It didnt do it till i got the Clifford 600 fitted!

Right, think Ill try a new battery then, and tonight i will check none of the interior lights are stuck on

Thank you!! :D