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fitting vacume guage

  mk 2 172
got a vacume gauge on order, just wondering if anyones fitted one. and where to connect the t peice. ive got a viper induction kit/samco fitted if that makes a difference.

  mk 2 172
1) flair & fluff. (The needle moves while you drive which is much more entertaining than an oil temperature gauge).
2) tuning and diagnostics. It does provide useful information once you've used one for a while.
3) modified driving technique to save fuel

and its an excuse to make a carbon panel to fit it along with another guage to the cup holder area.
You'll probably find that unless on the tiniest of throttle openings it'll be in the red all the time lol
  mk 2 172
is this wot i need to hook the vacume gauge upto?

  Lots of Alfas
Thats an early 172ph1 that has a vacuum feed running off the fuel rail, your ph2 wont have that pipe, i would have thought something like oil temp or oil pressure would be more useful....Im not sure what reading youd get...
  Golf GT & A4 Avant
If I'm thinking correctly, your vacumm gauge will work like a boost gauge on a turbo'd car. Apart from under any throttle pressure it will show 0, and off throttle it'll probably show a small amount of negative pressure. It will move directly from one to the other so you won't see much movement or improve your MPG.

You'd be better off with oil pressure/ temperature, voltage guage, or even a AFR if it's highly tuned. Something that will help you determine if your cars not running at it's best.