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fitting xenons to a dynamique

  e60 M5 -172- dciheid
how easy is this to take 172/182 xenons and put them into a dynamique with normal chappies?

Is it fairly simple? I know you need the ballasts from the 172/182, but other than that?....
  S2 106 GTI
I have just fitted xenons to the trophy, simple job. all you have to do (or what I did) is swap the adjusters over - manual in on the trophy auto on the 172/182, simple task though.

After that plug all the wires in and away you go!
Straight swap Chic, all the plugs are identical. Mine passed at 2 different stations with them in with no washers too, though pretty sure VOSA are making MOT stations get tougher on the whole aftermarket xenon stuff.