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FK coiliver - help needed

  Lupo GTI
Right my car is lowered on FK's, this morning I was on my way to work when I started getting a "clunk, clunk" sound coming from my drivers side.

Now I couldn't do anything about it until I come home, now i'm in i've just jacked the car up and on its way up it was creaking. The top strut looks alot higher out than the other side and I'm thinking that maybe its the top strut mount?

The coilovers where already fitted when I got the car so I don't know much about them really besides there FK's. Is the top mount the same as a normal suspensions or different? - If different where can I get them from?

Also, when i'm driving with my foot on the accelerator I don't have the clunk noise, only when i'm letting the car roll and turning the wheel.

Someone help :D
  Golf R/Leon FR
could be the engine mount also fella, best thing to do is take the car to a garage to check that they are set up correctly etc, coilovers need to be set up right, does it drive ok? Where did you get the car from?

p.s are you claire's friend who wants me to clean your car? im sarah's bf.
ooo just spotted this :eek:

is it the antiroll bar bolts? as ive been through a few sets of them as they keep on snapping