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FK Hubcentric Spacers - Hairline Crack....

I have just had a lok at them as I was about to put them on with my new wheels and saw a crack around the prt of the spacer that aligns the wheel to it. Would this be dangerous to use or not as it only seems ot align the wheel not support it as thats what the bolts are for ;)

Some pics, you can see the split going around the part of the spacer that sticks out.




Adam :dapprove:
i wasnt being sarcastic, thats only the equivalent to the plastic thing you normally get with your wheels. I cant remember the name atm .. sprocket maybe?
worth what risk?

If that piece was to come off there would still be the 4 bolts holding it in place? That only aligns the wheel IIRC

The Boosh!

ClioSport Admin
  Elise, Duster
Bloor, can you see through the gap? or is it just a scratch ?

If you can see through it then im unsure, may be ok on the rear wheels?

Can you not just get some one to put a bit of a weld in there to help it along
i personally wouldnt risk it lad, but i dont think it will make a lot of difference.

i would use on the rear tbf.

Its a gap dude.

If someone was to weld it shut I don't think they would fit perfectly onto my wheels like they used to unlss it was sanded down to EXACTLY how it should be... seems like a lot of work for something small
wouldnt touch it with a weld lad, like you say, could mess it up more.

i thinking of selling mine soon to get a smaller size as my tyres rub when i have people in the back (not often ;))
They are down to £250 now and £50 for the tyres dude :) Could meet you half way aswell.... How much you charging for a PC lol my car needs one....

PM me x