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flat tyre

i just went to go out to lunch and my rear tyre was flat.
went to tesco and pumped them up, rears 36 psi and front 32 psi and all was good until i got to the rear flat one and it had gone down 2 psi already????

does it mean it is a defo puncture or was it going down becaus i put too much air in it?
Slow puncture by the sounds best get it fixed a blow outs not a nice experiance for the matter of a cheap fix (assuming it can be fixed).

Pressure should be 32 front and 30 or so rear depends what you like some like more.
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
You can get slow punctures. You can get faulty valves that leak slowly. You can get porous mag wheel that leak air slowly - very unlikely in the cause of OEM wheels, but possible if you have cheap third-party wheels. You can get wheels that aren't seated properly, maybe there was a bit of paint or dirt that leaves a small enough gap that air leaks slowly. And you can have tyre guages that aren't very accurate.

See if it keeps losing pressure. If it does, get it looked at.

Oh, and a significantly higher tyre pressure on the rear is a very unusual way of doing it on a car that has most of its weight on the front.