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Flip Paint Clio

172 front arches are better looking. I liked flip paints when it was a suprise, but now its a common thing and just looked dated to me. I quite like the wheels, although theyre a bit fussy. Overall, pretty crap :D


ive got the 172 arches and to me its hard to tell uve actually changed them lol.

where as on that its quite obvious he has arch extensions... like that! although i wouldnt change mine, i still wouldnt mind some rear ones to match!
  2004 Clio 1.2 16v

i like the arches not wide enuogh tho ;)

i think this car has been like this for ages seen it a long time ago not to sure bout the fussy bonnet tho overall pretty sweet

The paint looks right on a TVR but on anything else it just looks sh*te IMHO.

I just dont like modded bad boy cars but I understand why some people would like that. Just not my cup o tea.