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Focus cossie

Quote: Originally posted by seb182 on 19 March 2005

cool video! is it 4 whel drive?

yes, says it at the end of the vid, 450hp 4x4 with anti lag. it looks like its engine/running gear is out of a sapphire 4x4 coz the head is red
  Titanium 182

think the car looks a bit sh*t! not keen on the noise it makes either

would be mint to drive i bet!

Yeah his old blue Escort cossie went on fire one night and the nos bottle blew it apart.

Hes perfected drifting round the hairpin at knockhill,hes got a mate Andy Gallacher who has a black escort and does the drifting as well.

Nice....................I was out in the rally car they have threre at Knockhill last that was something else ;)

Cya Stu

Thats very nice! Has it got a straight cut gear box? That the whine maybe, Use to have a mate who had one in a tuned mini!
Went like stink. LOL

Nice, cant comment on the noise as no sound on my PC at work, but he takes that corner perfectly...proper WRC style..

Quote: Originally posted by 182_blue on 19 March 2005
very nice, shame its so wet could of done with seeing some full speed runs

Thats not wet, its ice!

still wont beat the scooby powered focus i had the pleasure of having a passenger ride in round rockingham speedway

for a total of £8k (plus value of car) he has a 400bhp 4wd flat four focus, 4 pots and a fully stripped out rally sl*g

one of the best cars for grin factor ive ever had the privelege of sitting in

It must cost him a fortune in exhausts if he has a proper anti lag system on there.

I looked into that once, and if you have one fitted then even the best road going exhaust would only last about 1000 miles before it started to get holes in it.

Looks like a good car though.