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fog dash light glows on pushing brake pedal...

  ph1 172
when i hit the brake pedal my rear fog dash warning light glows dimly.

im guessing this is a bad earth so im going to have a look at the connector, but where does the earth meet the chassis?
  Clio Sport 1.4 MK2
Mine did that for a while but when I was fitting something into the car it just stopped lol Duno what happened :S
  172 Race Car
check you have the correct bulbs fitted in the rear lamps.

Ive seen this type of thing when a single fillament bulb is fitted into a twin socket.
  In between cars....
That happened to me the other day!!

Id taken the rear drivers side cluster out to check what bulbs were in it

When i put it back in it started doing this, had a wee play with it and it sorted itself out again,

also when i was indicating right the fog light on the dash was flashing with it

You been playing with the clusters or anything?
  ph1 172
nope havnt touched them since i bought it. have fiddled about with them so we'll see if its fixed tomorrow.
  ITB'd MK1
I've seen funny things like this happen when one of the filamants in a twin bulb breaks and touches the other. Was a bit more extreme though, the popups on my 200sx would come up when pressing the brake lol, Air-brake FTW
  ITB BG 182
I just checked that the earth connection for the electrics was ok which it wasnt then fixed the problem altogether.
  HBT 172 Cup
Sorry to dig up this old thread, but better than making a new thread eh??

Where abouts is the earths i need to clean? my dashboard fog light goes mental when i push the brake pedal or select reverse gear. Ta


ClioSport Club Member
  182 + 325i
Earth is in the wheel well, follow the cable from the drivers side cluster. I would also push the pins on the connector closer together and give them a good spray with electrical contact cleaner.
i have this problem with mine but also when i turn lights on my third brake light comes on dim it bin like it for about a month had new block put on other day as indicator didnt work i tryed 5 bulbs and nothing but it works now just the third brake sstill on also if there no keys in ignition if turn lights on and press brake the electrics turn on so can put the window down and wipers work but nothing else but this onliy happens when bin driving if try when not bin driving it goes mental any ideas?
  clio grande
FREE FIX - FINE NOSED long pointy pliers, take the rear light clusters apart, one at a time. UNPLUG the electrical connector. Use long-nosed pliers to grip head-on the EARTH connector PRONG it might be the third one down, from memory, trace the one that goes to metal track common to ALL the bulbs. TWIST THIS PRONG by just a fraction. You can WD40 it and re-assemble. Do both to be sure, but boy, have some people spent money on new light clusters - my spouse's mechanic waxed on about what a good deal he got her on a second-hand light cluster - GREAT BUT YOU DON'T NEED IT, THE CURE IS FREE. TWIST THE PRONG WITH FINE-NOSED PLIERS A FRACTION, WD40 AND RE-CONNECT. DONE, FREE!