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Ford Galaxy V6........WHAT THE FECK!!!!!!

Just on my way to Tesco (via the scenic route!) when I got to some traffic lights where 1 lane expands into 2. I set off and moved into the right hand lane, and this Ford Galaxy that was behind me floored it and tried to undertake me. This pissed me off so I floored it too (yeah, slapped wrists, whatever!). To my utter horror, this sodding Galaxy stayed welded to my tailpipe (and I mean nearly fecking touching my bumper) to about 85mph.

At this point my last encounter with a Galaxy popped into my head, where it turned out they were coppers and I got a telling off, so I backed of and the feckwit undertook me at about 90mph and then swerved in front of me nearly removing the front of my car.

It said V6 on the back, so when I got to Tesco I went straight to the magazine rack and looked it up. 200bhp, 0-60 in........9.9 seconds?!?!?!?! What the FECK had they done to it???? I had my foot to the floor and was totally unable to pull away.

Still fuming about the idiotic undertaking manouvre. If I hadnt had a passenger I would have gone after him after he turned off to give him "a piece of my mind" regarding the dumbass idiotic undertaking. mailto:Tw@t">Tw@t. Even so, I cant believe how quick it was!

  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Was it the new shape Galaxy (witht he triangular lights) if so they have a book 0-60 of 7.2! and pack over 200bhp so they wont hang around. The older style ones were relatively tame with a 10s 0-60.


lol u got beat by a bus mwhahahahaha.... i raced a v6 galaxy in my old valver over snake pass i couldnt believe how rapid they were but i still pased him lol on the last bend coming out of snake pass LOL

He made three attempts to undertake, and I prevented the first two by flooring it which seemed to totally enrage him and the final one was after I decided it was getting a bit risky and that Id rather spend some time hanging off his bumper :devilish:. Dont think Id have got past though. 2 miles earlier and Id have had him on some very winding roads....the ugly great brick!

Snake Pass is excellent, by the way!


LOL rhys....stick some stp octane booster in ...snake pass is nuts, cars ive raced over there dear me.

1 . ITR he had 2 up

2. Nutter in Vauxhall Van with a fridge in the back (madman)

3. Some fast yellow bike begins with A?

4. Moron in a new astra who thought my car was a 1.2 (until he realised he was towing me) :)

5. std 2.0 scooby turned it into chicken soup.

6. V6 galaxy wasted him on the last exit

7. Rudebwoy from pittsmoor in a corrado he overtook me on a dble white blind bend-duh, but me overtook him and another car on last bend heheheh.

8. Some Nova SR boy that was comedy heheheeh.

That was quite amusing when I took you for a spin in my Cooper S on the snake Rhys!! Put the handling to its limits on that nice sweeper!!! Good excuse to nip in the ladybower for a coke to calm our nerves!!

Oi! That Galaxy yesterday was definitely not 0-60 in 9.9 seconds. I know that my Williams will do 60 in low 7s with a passenger, so it stands to reason that the Galaxy that was racing me was similar. Bet the driver was pissing himself at my expense :-(

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Seems strange! Cos seriously can you imagine anyone spending money modifying a Ford Galaxy.

Are you sure you hadnt had a big lunch or something?