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Formatting an SSD in MBP

I have a macbook pro (non retina)and an ssd drive currently in a windows laptop.

I wish to use the ssd drive in my MBP do I need to format it first or will the MBP sort all that out for me when I fit it?

I have seen this video and it all seems simple but just concerned over whether I need to format it before it goes into the mac.

Many thanks


ClioSport Club Member
I think you may need to format it as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) before you install it.

EDIT: After watching that video it looks as though you can format it after it's been installed which is a bonus, I ordered mine last week so I'm hoping it gets here soon so I can install it.
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ClioSport Club Member
Just finished installing mine @Brazo, super easy to do. The longest part was waiting for my time machine back-up to transfer over. I've done a clean install of the OS and the boot up time is crazy now, so much quicker.


ClioSport Club Member
Doesn't mean much but a quick before and after read & write speeds.



Just timed the after start up time, got 13.75 seconds to the login menu. Unfortunately I didn't get a before time recorded but it was at least 40 seconds, massive difference.