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Formula Ford Carnival (my first D50 pics)

I was told not to bother, but I had ago anyway. I'm talking about my Nikon D50, which I took along to Castle Combe today for the always thrilling Formula Ford Carnival, the reason I was told not to bother with the camera is that until next year I've only got the 18-55mm kit lens, absolutely hopeless for motorsports which is traditionally the domain of the telephoto lens (obviously)

Got to say though I was pretty pleased with the results, so so easy to use compared to FZ20 simply because of the live view instead of the EVF. Apart from that though they are nowhere near the usual Castle Combe/FZ20 standard just yet, firstly I was shooting at 1/250 instead of my usual 1/100 or below because it was my first time with the camera, then obviously losing 377mm doesn't help...but I've also found the D50 lacking the punchy saturated colours of the FZ20, I need to work on that as they are not vibrant enough...

Lots of potential I think, looking forward to a decent telephoto lens for next season.