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Forza 3 glitches

  2002 172
when i as playing forza 3 yesterday a number of glitches happened in one race,
firstly the sounds went all quiet then really loud
and then the car sounded like it was still accelerating but i had crashed then went back to normal

has anyone else experienced glitches with forza 3?
They are known glitches, probably end up getting ironed out with a patch but tbh I've not personally experienced them.
  2002 172
the glitch with the incorrect engine sound is really off putting as you go into a corner and downshift but the noise still sounds like your accelerating so i downshifted more and knackered my engine,
yeah hopefully there is a patch or update that sorts it out


There was some patch the other day for me, no idea what it did though.

There is a glitch on the BMW 135i though, fit the M3 style quad zorst bumper and you can still see the original twin pipes. lolz
  Clio Hybrid / S3
I had this all the time but i think it was because of my CD... I made the game run from the hard drive and it fixed all my issues of it stuttering and the sound carrying on