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Fred2001Dynamic - more troubles :-(

Just spoke with fred, and hes just had an incident, some nutter oncoming doing way too much, and he had to get out of the way, and did damage to his car :eek: - Busted wheel, and something defo not right with the steering :(

So, really sorry to here it matey, give us more details when you get round to it, and any help you need, just shout.
  Lionel Richie

Just had a look, and it looks like just a bent strut, ill way til day light and have a better look. f**k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry for swearing but im really pissed off) The strut has somehow managed to hit the inner arch and has torn and bent a small bit of metal up (about 8cm long)!!!!! If it is just the strut i think ill get some Koni adjustables, so good does come from bad, but i couldve done with out it!!!! sh*t HAPPENS!!!!